Hans Christian Andersen

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Hans Andersen
Frank Loesser (387)
Frank Loesser (387)
Moss Hart (19), Ben Hecht (7)


Audio Recordings

Hans Christian Andersen - 1952 Studio Cast
Hans Christian Andersen - 1953 Studio Cast
Hit Songs from Hans Christian Andersen - 1953 Studio Cast
Når Jeg Vender Hjem / Blå Syrener - 1965 Birthe Wilke
Hans Andersen - 1974 Original London Cast
Hans Andersen - 1975 Studio Cast
Hans Christian Andersen - 1975 London Studio Cast
Hans Christian Andersen - 1975 London Studio Cast
Hans Andersen - 1977 London Cast
Hans Cristian Andersen - Original Venezuelan Cast

Video Recordings

Hans Christian Andersen - 1952 Film
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Songs also appear on these recordings (21)

Recording Songs
Homer and Jethro Fracture Frank Loesser - 1953 Homer and Jethro Have I Stayed Away Too Long?
The Court Jester - 1955 Soundtrack Pass the Basket
The Singing Reed - 1955 Lucy Reed Inchworm
The Four Lads Sing Frank Loesser - 1957 The Four Lads Anywhere I Wander, Inchworm, Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling, Wonderful Copenhagen
Introducing - 1960 Janice Mars Inchworm
With a Smile and a Song - 1964 Doris Day Inchworm
Encore - 1967 Jamie and the J. Silvia Singers Inchworm
Somethin' Else - 1989 Rachelle Ferrell Inchworm
Anywhere I Wander - 1993 Liz Callaway Anywhere I Wander, Inchworm
That's What Friends Are For - 1995 Peter Land & Robert Meadmore The King's New Clothes
Judi Connelli: Live in London - 1998 Judi Connelli No Two People
The Playground - 1998 Tony Bennett Inchworm
Singin' in the Bathtub - 1999 John Lithgow Inchworm
More Songs From Pooh Corner - 2000 Kenny Loggins Inchworm
Kidults - 2001 Mandy Patinkin Inchworm, The King's New Clothes, The Ugly Duckling
Live at the Donmar - 2002 Philip Quast The King's New Clothes
Loesser Genius - 2003 Cleo Laine Inchworm, No Two People
The Great Musicals: Wonderful Tales - 2005 Compilation Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling
Dan Zanes and Friends: 76 Trombones - 2009 Dan Zanes Inchworm, Thumbelina
After the Ball - 2022 Christine Ebersole Inchworm
Frank Loesser Revisited - Various Artists Anywhere I Wander, I'm Hans Christian Andersen, Thumbelina, Wonderful Copenhagen


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