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Frank Loesser (387)
Frank Loesser (387)
Frank Loesser (387), Lesser Samuels (5)
March 8, 1960


Audio Recordings

Faraway Boy / Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) - 1960 Della Reese
Greenwillow - 1960 Original Broadway Cast
Greenwillow - 1960 Melachrino Strings

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

Greenwillow - 1997 Utah Festival Opera
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Songs also appear on these recordings (16)

Recording Songs
Christine / Never Will I Marry - 1960 Vic Damone Never Will I Marry
Summertime Love / After You've Gone - 1960 Eddie Fisher Summertime Love
Judy Takes Broadway - 1962 Judy Garland Never Will I Marry
Live at the Bon Soir - 1962 Barbra Streisand Never Will I Marry
The Third Album - 1964 Barbra Streisand Never Will I Marry
Excitement In Stereo Sound - 1967 Harry Belafonte & Peter Nero Summertime Love
Something's Coming! - 1967 Tony Tanner Never Will I Marry
The Girl with S.Q. - 1968 Jeannie Carson Summertime Love
Anywhere I Wander - 1993 Liz Callaway Never Will I Marry
No Strings - 1993 Sheena Easton Never Will I Marry
A Broadway Christmas - 1994 Studio Cast Greenwillow Christmas
Judi Connelli: Live in London - 1998 Judi Connelli Summertime Love
Loesser Genius - 2003 Cleo Laine Never Will I Marry
Double Portrait - 2010 Bill Charlap & Renee Rosnes Never Will I Marry
Sing Happy - 2018 Audra McDonald Never Will I Marry
Singles and Rarities - Pat Suzuki Never Will I Marry


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