Follow the Girls

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Phil Charig (8), Milton Pascal (9), Dan Shapiro (8)
Phil Charig (8), Milton Pascal (9), Dan Shapiro (8)
Guy Bolton (47), Eddie Davis (14), Fred Thompson (26)
Opened April 8, 1944 at the Century Theatre (882 performances).


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Follow the Girls - 1952 University of Wisconsin Haresfoot Club
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Recording Songs
Broadway Ditties - 1954 Dorothy Shay I Wanna Get Married
Everyone Else Revisited - 1980 Various Artists Follow the Girls
Keep Your Undershirt On - 1989 Various Artists I Wanna Get Married
Front Row Center - 1996 Compilation Album I Wanna Get Married, Twelve O'Clock And All Is Well
They Stopped The Show - Compilation I Wanna Get Married


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