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Alan Menken (208)
Stephen Schwartz (211)
Bill Kelly
Additional Music
Harry Warren (358)
Additional Lyrics
Jack Brooks (15)
November 17, 2007


Audio Recordings

Come d'incanto - 2007 Italian Soundtrack
Encantada - 2007 Latin American Spanish Soundtrack
Encantada: La historia de Giselle - 2007 Spanish Soundtrack
Enchanted - 2007 Film Soundtrack
Enchanted And Hairspray - 2007 Studio Cast (Karaoke)
Il était une fois - 2007 French Soundtrack
Verwünscht - 2007 German Soundtrack
魔法にかけられて - 2008 Japanese Soundtrack

Video Recordings

Enchanted - 2007 Film
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Songs also appear on these recordings (10)

Recording Songs
That Thing Called Love - 2008 Liz Seymour That's How You Know
John Barrowman - 2009 John Barrowman So Close
'Til The Night Is Gone - 2009 David Harris So Close
Princesas Disney: Las canciones de tus princesas favoritas - 2010 Various Artists Ever Ever After
Jazzical Meets Menken - 2012 Joel A. Martin So Close, That's How You Know
This Moment - 2013 Mark Sanders So Close
We Love Disney - 2014 Various Artists (Australian) That's How You Know
I wish. I want. Naoto Kaiho sings Disney - 2019 Naoto Kaiho So Close
Disney Glitter Melodies - 2020 Serph True Love's Kiss
Snapshots: A Musical Scrapbook - 2021 Original Cast That's How You Know


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