Destry Rides Again

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Harold Rome (109)
Harold Rome (109)
Leonard Gershe (10)
April 23, 1959


Audio Recordings

Anyone Would Love You / Moon Man - 1959 Gloria Lambert
Ballad Of A Gun / Love Is A Carousel - 1959 Richard Hayes
Destry Rides Again - 1959 Original Broadway Cast
Destry Rides Again - 1959 Roland Hanna
Destry Rides Again - 1959 Randy Weston Trio
Fair Warning / You'll Never Get Away From Me - 1959 Sammy Davis Jr.
I Know Your Kind / This Love Of Mine - 1959 Roberta Linn
I Say Hello / All Is Forgiven - 1959 Jimmy Breedlove
I Say Hello / Some People - 1959 Sylvia Syms
Ring On The Finger / I Need You So - 1959 Lisa Kirk
Selections from Destry Rides Again - 1959 Studio Cast
In My Little Corner Of The World / Anyone Would Love You - 1960 Anita Bryant
Destry Rides Again - 1982 Original London Cast
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Recording Songs
Anyone Would Love You • The Five Pennies - 1959 The Four Aces Anyone Would Love You
Broadway '58 - '59 - 1959 Eddie LeMar, his Piano and Orchestra Anyone Would Love You, Hoop-de-dingle, I Know Your Kind, I Say Hello, Once Knew a Fella, That Ring on the Finger
Music From Shubert Alley - 1959 TV Special Whip Dance
David Merrick Presents Hits from His Broadway Hits - 1964 John Gary & Ann-Margret Anyone Would Love You
John Gary On Broadway - 1968 John Gary Anyone Would Love You
Running for My Life - 1980 Judy Collins Anyone Would Love You
Dolores Gray: Bell Telephone Hour 1959-1965 - 2006 Dolores Gray Are You Ready, Gyp Watson?


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