Closer Than Ever

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David Shire (88)
Richard Maltby Jr. (104)
Steven Scott Smith (2) -- Conception
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Richard Maltby Jr. (104), David Shire (88)
November 6, 1989


Audio Recordings

Closer Than Ever - 1989 Original Off-Broadway Cast
Closer Than Ever - 1997 Amsterdam Cast
Closer Than Ever - 2012 Off-Broadway Cast

Video Recordings

Closer Than Ever - 2021 London Cast
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Stage 2: The Human Heart - 1997 Studio Cast I've Been Here Before, It's Never That Easy
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Tonight At Eight - 2004 Stephen Brian Patterson What Am I Doin'?
If I Sing: The Songwriters Album - 2006 Studio Cast If I Sing
That Thing Called Love - 2008 Liz Seymour I've Been Here Before, It's Never That Easy
Close Your Eyes - 2009 Annelene Beechey I've Been Here Before, It's Never That Easy
If I Sing - 2010 Thomas Borchert If I Sing


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