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Bob Merrill (152)
Bob Merrill (152)
Michael Stewart (41)
Based on the film Lili (1953).
April 13, 1961


Audio Recordings

Carnival - 1961 Original Broadway Cast
Carnival - 1961 Ruth Welcome and her Zither Stylings
Carnival - 1961 Starlight Symphony Orchestra
Carnival! In Percussion - 1961 Paul Smith Ensemble
Living Strings Play All The Music From The Broadway Hit Carnival - 1961 Living Strings
Carnival - 1963 Original London Cast
Mouche - 1966 Paris Cast
Lili - 1979 Original Mexican Cast
Carnival - The Sound Stage Calliope Band

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

Carnival - 1961 Demo
Love Makes The World Go 'Round - 1962 Richard Chamberlain
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Songs also appear on these recordings (16)

Recording Songs
Yes Indeed! / Her Face - 1961 Mel Tormé Her Face
Broadway, I Love You - 1963 Sergio Franchi She's My Love
J.J.'s Broadway - 1963 J.J. Johnson Mira
Opening Night with Ed Ames - 1963 Ed Ames Her Face
Show Stoppers From O'Keefe Center - 1963 William McCauley Love Makes the World Go Round
David Merrick Presents Hits from His Broadway Hits - 1964 John Gary & Ann-Margret Love Makes the World Go Round
Warm & Wild - 1964 Vic Dana Her Face
The Champion Season: Live at the Cafe Carlyle - 1999 Barbara Cook Her Face
Found Treasures - 1999 Brian De Lorenzo Love Makes the World Go Round
Matters of the Heart - 1999 Patti Lupone Love Makes the World Go Round
Home: A Healing Journey - 2000 Jane Hammett Mira
Simple Song - 2002 Matt Bogart Her Face
Barbara Cook's Broadway - 2004 Barbara Cook Her Face
Opening Doors - 2005 Doug LaBrecque Her Face
Sweet Hello - 2007 Sarah Lawrence Yes, My Heart
Crazy 1961 - 2012 Mark Nadler Love Makes the World Go Round


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