Brownstone, the Musical

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Peter Larson (9), Josh Rubins (4)
Josh Rubins (4)
Andrew Cadiff (2), Peter Larson (9), Josh Rubins (4)
October 13, 1986


Audio Recordings

Brownstone, the Musical - 2003 Studio Cast

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

Brownstone, The Musical - 1986 Original Cast
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Songs also appear on these recordings (6)

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Some People's Lives - 1990 Bette Midler Since You Stayed Here
The Story Goes On - 1995 Liz Callaway Since You Stayed Here
Unsung Musicals III - 1997 Various Artists He Didn't Leave It Here
Good Thing Going - 2000 Lisa Atkinson Since You Stayed Here
Crazy World - 2005 Sandy Campbell Since You Stayed Here
Len Cariou Presents: These Are My Friends - 2017 Various Artists Since You Stayed Here


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