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John Lennon (25), Paul McCartney (29)
John Lennon (25), Paul McCartney (29)
Bob Gill, Lynda Obst, Robert Rabinowitz
Jukebox Musical
May 31, 1977


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Beatlemania - 1977 Original Broadway Cast
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Across the Universe - 2007 Film Soundtrack All You Need Is Love, I Am the Walrus, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Let It Be, Strawberry Fields Forever
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Glee: The Music. Season 2, Vol. 4 - 2010 TV Soundtrack I Want to Hold Your Hand
The Rocky Horror Glee Show - 2010 TV Soundtrack I Want to Hold Your Hand
Glee: The 3D Concert Movie - 2011 Film Soundtrack I Want to Hold Your Hand
The Floor Above Me - 2014 Tony Yazbeck Got to Get You into My Life
#ThrowbackThursday - 2016 Corey Brunish Lady Madonna, Let It Be
Lovefool - 2018 Alexis Michelle Fool on the Hill


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