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Billy Goldenberg (26)
Alan Bergman (62), Marilyn Bergman (61)
Jerome Kass
Additional Music
Marvin Hamlisch (132)
Additional Lyrics
Alan Bergman (62), Marilyn Bergman (61)
December 14, 1978


Audio Recordings

Ballroom - 1979 Original Broadway Cast
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Songs also appear on these recordings (18)

Recording Songs
Regards to Broadway - 1981 Judith Dow Fifty Percent, I Wish You a Waltz
You Must Believe In Spring - 1992 Sylvia Syms Fifty Percent
In So Many Words - 1996 Peter Barnett & Julia Early Fifty Percent
Lost in Boston IV - 1996 Studio Cast Job Application, Suddenly There's You, Who Gave You Permission
Songs About Adam: Live at the Tilbury Hotel - 1996 Mark Fuller Fifty Percent
Center Stage - 1998 Helen Reddy Fifty Percent
My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies - 1998 Concert Cast Fifty Percent
Bea Arthur on Broadway - Just Between Friends - 2001 Original Broadway Cast Fifty Percent
The Chance To Sing - 2003 Pamela Myers I Wish You a Waltz
The Blonde in the Thunderbird: A One-Woman Musical - 2004 Suzanne Somers Fifty Percent
You And I - 2005 Louise Dearman Fifty Percent
Serious Cabaret - 2006 Rosemary Ashe Fifty Percent
Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway - 2016 Barbra Streisand Fifty Percent
Hamlisch Uncovered - 2017 Various Artists This Is More Than a Ballroom
It's About Time - 2017 Karen Mason Fifty Percent
Will He Like Me?: A Love Story - 2018 Philip Chaffin Who Gave You Permission
I'm Still Here: Judy Garland's 100th Birthday - 2022 Debbie Wileman Fifty Percent
Forgotten Broadway, Vol 2. - Compilation Job Application


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