All American

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Charles Strouse (205)
Lee Adams (93)
Mel Brooks (22)
March 19, 1962


Audio Recordings

All American - 1962 Original Broadway Cast
All American - 1962 Backers Audition
All American Goes Country Style - 1962 Various Artists
All American in Jazz - 1962 Duke Ellington and his Orchestra
Clark Terry Plays the Jazz Version of All American - 1962 Instrumental Album
Music from the Broadway Musical All American - 1962 Leroy Holmes & his Orchestra
Play Joshua Logan's All American - 1962 The Champs
All American: The All Stars Play Music From The Broadway Hit - The All Stars
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Songs also appear on these recordings (18)

Recording Songs
I Left My Heart in San Francisco - 1962 Tony Bennett Once Upon a Time
We Speak the Same Language - 1962 James Shigeta I've Just Seen Her, We Speak the Same Language
Broadway Bouquet - 1965 Percy Faith Once Upon a Time
The Great Songs From My Fair Lady - 1965 Andy Williams Once Upon a Time
Dreams of Love - 1969 Kamahl Once Upon a Time
Mandy Patinkin - 1989 Mandy Patinkin Once Upon a Time
So in Love: Sam Ramey on Broadway - 1993 Sam Ramey Once Upon a Time
Broadway - 1994 Michael McCarthy Once Upon a Time
You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile - 1996 Jason Graae Once Upon a Time
Young Man of Manhattan - 1997 Eric Comstock Once Upon a Time
The Best Of Times - 2001 Gary LeMel Once Upon a Time
Strouse, Schwartz, And Schwartz - 2001 S.T.A.G.E. Concert Once Upon a Time
The Broadway Musicals of 1962 - 2005 Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series Once Upon a Time, What a Country
Charles Sings Strouse - 2006 Charles Strouse Once Upon a Time
So in Love: The Great American Songbook - 2007 Wilfried Van den Brande Once Upon a Time
Wish - 2008 Sutton Foster Once Upon a Time
Coulda Woulda Shoulda - 2015 Matt Forbes Once Upon a Time
The Musicality of Strouse - Studio Cast Once Upon a Time


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