A New Brain

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William Finn (43)
William Finn (43)
James Lapine (31)
June 18, 1998


Audio Recordings

A New Brain - 1998 Original Off-Broadway Cast
Nervensache - 2007 Original German Cast
ニュー・ブレイン - 2009 Japanese Cast
A New Brain - 2015 Concert Cast

Video Recordings

A New Brain - 2021 Theatre Nova
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Songs also appear on these recordings (25)

Recording Songs
You Keep Coming Back Like A Song - 1999 Phillip Officer Sailing
Reflections From Broadway - 2000 John Barrowman Sailing
Infinite Joy - 2001 Concert Cast And They're Off, Anytime (I Am There), The Music Still Plays On, Sailing
Live at the Donmar - 2002 Philip Quast And They're Off
Colored Lights: The Broadway Album - 2003 Deborah Gibson Anytime (I Am There)
Elegies, A Song Cycle - 2003 Original Off-Broadway Cast Anytime (I Am There)
Piece of Sky - 2003 Sean McDermott Sailing
So Much Spring - 2004 James Donegan I Feel So Much Spring
Broadway Scot's Way - 2005 Scot Wisniewski Sailing
Broadway Unplugged 2 - 2005 Concert Cast Sailing
Shameless - 2005 Brad Hampton Sailing
Laziest Girl - 2007 Barbara Köhler Sailing
Live at the Laurie Beechman Theatre - 2007 Jonathan Whitton And They're Off
Make Me A Song: The Music of William Finn - 2007 Original Off-Broadway Cast Anytime (I Am There), Change, Gordo's Law of Genetics, Heart and Music, Sailing
Siren - 2007 Kaye Tuckerman Sailing
The Journey Home - 2008 Malcolm Gets Anytime (I Am There)
Just Singing My Song - 2008 Tenja Hagenberg Sailing
Close Your Eyes - 2009 Annelene Beechey Sailing
Heart and Music: An Album to Benefit the - 2009 Various Artists Heart and Music
John Owen-Jones - 2009 John Owen-Jones Sailing
A Sun-up Sky - 2009 Suzanne Jamieson Sailing
Songs of Innocence & Experience - 2010 Lisa Howard Sailing
Elegies: A Song Cycle - 2016 Studio Cast Anytime (I Am There)
Broadway at the Keys - 2017 Levi Kreis Anytime (I Am There)
Live at Birdland - 2022 Ari Axelrod Sailing


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