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The Showtime Series EP Collection: Volume Two
Stage Door
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STAGE 9084
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1. Kiss Me Again (from 'Mademoiselle Modiste') - Doretta Morrow
2. I Want What I Want When I Want It (from 'Mademoiselle Modiste') - Edward Roecker
3. The Time, the Place and the Girl (from 'Mademoiselle Modiste') - Felix Knight
4. Mascot of the Troop (from 'Mademoiselle Modiste') - Doretta Morrow
5. Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life (from 'Naugthy Marietta') - Felix Knight, Doretta Morrow
6. Italian Street Song (from 'Naugthy Marietta') - Doretta Morrow
7. I'm Falling In Love With Someone (from 'Naugthy Marietta') - Felix Knight
8. 'Neath The Southern Moon (from 'Naugthy Marietta') - Doretta Morrow
9. Love Will Find a Way (from 'Shuffle Along') - Louise Woods, Laurence Watson
10. I'm Just Wild About Harry (from 'Shuffle Along') - Thelma Carpenter, Avon Long
11. Bandana Days (from 'Shuffle Along') - Avon Long
12. Gypsy Blues (from 'Shuffle Along') - Thelma Carpenter, Avon Long
13. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (from 'Blackbirds of 1928') - Cab Calloway
14. Diga-Diga Doo (from 'Blackbirds of 1928') - Thelma Carpenter & Chorus
15. I Must Have That Man (from 'Blackbirds of 1928') - Thelma Carpenter
16. Doing the New Low-Down (from 'Blackbirds of 1928') - Thelma Carpenter
17. Dancing in the Dark (from 'The Band Wagon') - George Britton
18. High and Low (from 'The Band Wagon') - Edith Adams, Britton
19. I Love Louisa(from 'The Band Wagon') - Harold Lang
20. New Sun in the Sky (from 'The Band Wagon') - Harold Lang
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