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Masterworks Broadway
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1. Overture ([r45018])
2. It's Only a Matter of Time ([r45018])
3. Got No Future ([r45018])
4. Wherever We're Going ([r45018])
5. Hello, Is Anybody Home ([r45018])
6. It Works ([r45018])
7. Don't Drive 88! ([r45018])
8. Cake ([r45018])
9. Gotta Start Somewhere ([r45018])
10. My Myopia ([r45018])
11. Pretty Baby ([r45018])
12. Future Boy ([r45018])
13. Something About That Boy ([r45018])
14. 21st Century ([r45018])
15. Put Your Mind to It ([r45018])
16. For the Dreamers ([r45018])
17. Teach Him a Lesson ([r45018])
18. The Letter ([r45018])
Only a Matter of Time (Reprise) ([r45018])
19. Deep Divin' ([r45018])
20. Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) ([r45018])
21. Johnny B. Goode ([r45018])
22. The Clocktower ([r45018])
For the Dreamers (Reprise) ([r45018])
23. The Power of Love ([r45018])
24. Doc Returns ([r45018])
Finale ([r45018])
25. Back in Time ([r45018])
26. Exit Music (Back in Time) ([r45018])
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