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Revision #2

Submitted on September 14, 2014 by Rodolfo

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PD 6013
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Side A:
1. I Gotta Keep Movin'
2. Harlem Streets
A1. [sn17485] ([r1016]) -- Alex Bradford, Company (2:50)
A2. [sn17486] ([r1016]) -- Bobby Hill, Company (3:36)
[sn17487 Looking
Over from Your Side
Side] ([r1016])
A3. [sn17488
Don't Bother Me I Can't Cope
4. Fighting for Pharoah
5. Good Vibrations
6. You Think I Got Rhythm?
7. They Keep Coming
8. My Name Is Man
Cope] ([r1016]) -- Entire Company (2:15)
A4. [sn17489] ([r1016]) -- Alex Bradford, Bobby Hill, Alberta Bradford, Charles Campbell (6:03)
A5. [sn17490] ([r1016]) -- Alex Bradford, Company (2:55)
A6. [sn17491] ([r1016]) -- Entire Company (6:25)
[sn17492] ([r1016]) -- Entire Company
[sn17493] ([r1016]) -- Arnold Wilkerson, Company

Side B:
1. Love Power
2. Questions
3. It Takes a Whole Lot of Human Feeling
4. You Think I Got Rhythm?
Time Brings About a Change
5. So Little Time
6. Thank Heaven for You
7. All I Need
B1. [sn17494] ([r1016]) -- Bobby Hill, Hope Clarke, Company (2:20)
B2. [sn17495] ([r1016]) -- Micki Grant (3:55)
B3. [sn17496] ([r1016]) -- Micki Grant (3:21)
B4. [sn17491] ([r1016]) -- Arnold Wilkerson, Micki Grant, Company (2:34)
[sn17497] ([r1016])
B5. [sn17498] ([r1016]) -- Micki Grant (4:06)
B6. [sn17499] ([r1016]) -- Bobby Hill, Micki Grant (3:37)
[sn17500] ([r1016]) -- Alberta Bradford, Company
B7. [sn17485
I Gotta Keep Movin' (reprise)(Reprise)] ([r1016]) -- Micki Grant, Alex Bradford, Company
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