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Disc 1:
01. [song=28890]Innuendo[/song]
02. [song=28891]Radio Ga-Ga[/song]
03. [song=28892]I Want To Break Free (Yo

01. [sn28890] ([r5120]) -- Freddie Mercury
02. [sn28891] ([r5120]) -- Ensemble
03. [sn28892 Yo quiero salir] ([r5120]) -- Momo Cortés, María Blanco
04. [sn28893 Un poco de amor] ([r5120]) -- María Blanco
05. [sn28894] ([r5120]) -- Sheilah Cuffy
06. [sn28895] ([r5120]) -- Sheilah Cuffy
07. [sn28896] ([r5120]) -- Momo Cortés, María Blanco
08. [sn28897 Cuestión de magia] ([r5120]) -- Sheilah Cuffy, Javier Navares
09. [sn28898
Quiero Salir)[/song]
04. [song=28893]Somebody To Love (Un Poco De Amor)[/song]
05. [song=28894]Killer Queen[/song]
06. [song=28895]Play The Game[/song]
07. [song=28896]Under Pressure[/song]
08. [song=28897]A Kind Of Magic (Cuestión De Magia)[/song]
09. [song=28898]I Want It All (Quiero Algo Más)[/song]
algo más] ([r5120]) -- Ángel Padilla, Eva María Cortés
10. [song=28899]Headlong (Sin Control)[/song]
11. [song=28900]No-One But You (Sólo Por Ti)[/song]
[sn28899 Sin control] ([r5120]) -- Eva María Cortés, Ángel Padilla, Momo Cortés, María Blanco
11. [sn28900 Sólo por ti (Los buenos ya no están)] ([r5120]) -- Eva María Cortés

12. [song=28901]Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Algo Loco Es El Amor)[/song]
13. [song=28901]Ogre Battle[/song]
14. [song=28902]One Vision[/song]
15. [song=28903]Who Wants To Live Forever (Por Quién Vivir
[sn40177 Algo loco es el amor] ([r5120]) -- Ángel Padilla, Eva María Cortés, Momo Cortés, María Blanco
13. [sn28901] ([r5120]) -- Ensemble
14. [sn28902] ([r5120]) -- Ensemble
15. [sn28903
Por Siempre)[/song]
16. [song=28904]Flash[/song]
17. [song=28905]Seven Seas Of Rhye (Nirvana)[/song]
18. [song=28908]Hammer To Fall (Ya Se Acabó)[/song]
19. [song=28906]Don't Stop Me Now[/song]
20. [song=28907]Another One Bites The Dust (El Polvo Tú Morderás)[/song]
21. [song=28909]These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Los Dulces Días De Ayer)[/song]
22. [song=28910]We Will Rock You[/song]
23. [song=28911]We Are The Champions[/song]
24. [song=28910]We
quién vivir por siempre] ([r5120]) -- María Blanco, Miquel Fernández
16. [sn28904] ([r5120]) -- Javier Navares
17. [sn28905 Nirvana] ([r5120]) -- Javier Navares
18. [sn28908 Ya se acabó] ([r5120]) -- Miquel Fernández, María Blanco
19. [sn28906] ([r5120]) -- Sheilah Cuffy
20. [sn28907] ([r5120]) -- Sheilah Cuffy
21. [sn28909 Los dulces dias de ayer] ([r5120]) -- José María Guzmán
22. [sn28910] ([r5120]) -- Miquel Fernández
23. [sn28911] ([r5120]) -- Miquel Fernández
24. [sn28910 We
Will Rock You Fast Version (Saludos)[/song]
25. [song=28912]Bohemian Rhapsody[/song]
(Fast Version)] ([r5120]) -- Ensemble
25. [sn28912] ([r5120]) -- Momo Cortés, María Blanco, Javier Navares, Sheilah Cuffy
01. [song=28900]No-One But You (Sólo Por Ti) [Long Version][/song]

01. [sn28900 Sólo por ti (Los buenos ya no están)] ([r5120])
-- Queen &Long Version; Eva María Cortés
02. [song=28900]No-One But You (Sólo Por Ti) [Short Version][/song] --
Cortés, Queen &
02. [sn28900 Sólo por ti (Los buenos ya no están)] ([r5120]) -- Short Version;
Eva María Cortés
03. Video Track: Eva María Cortes featuring No-One But You (Sólo Por Ti)
04. Video Track: Bohemian Rhapsody (Musical Images)
Cortés, Queen
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