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An Evening with Lerner & Loewe
Catalog Number
LSP 6005
Release Date
Side A
1. Overture (Orchestra)
2. Come to Me, Bend to Me (Jan Peerce)
3. Down on MacConnachy Square (Chorus)
4. There but for You Go I (Robert Merrill)
5. The Heather on the Hill (Jane Powell & Robert Merrill)
6. I'll Go Home with Bonnie Jean (Jan Peerce & Chorus)
7. Almost Like Being in Love (Jane Powell & Robert Merrill)
Side B
1. Prelude - Thank Heaven for Little Girls (Phil Harris)
2. I Remember it Well (Jane Powell & Robert Merrill)
3. The Parasians (Jane Powell)
4. I'm Glad I'm not Young Anymore (Phil Harris)
5. Say A Prayer for Me Tonight (Jane Powell)
6. The Night They Invented Champagne (Chorale)
7. Gigi (Robert Merrill & Chorale
Side C
Paint Your Wagon
1. Prelude - Another Autumn (Jan Peerce)
2. They call the Wind Maria (Robert Merrill & Chorale)
3. I Talk to the Trees (Jane Powell & Jan Peerce)
4. Wand'rin' Star (Robert Merrill & Chorale)
5. How can I Wait (Jane Powell)
6. Finale: There's A Coach Comin' In; I'm on My Way (Robert Merrill & Chorale)
Side D
My Fair Lady
1. Overture (Orchestra)
2. Wouldn't it be Loverly (Jane Powell & Quartet)
3. With A Little Bit of Luck (Phil Harris, Duo & Chorale)
4. On the Street Where You Live (Jan Peerce)
5. Get Me to the Church on Time (Phil Harris & Chorale)
6. Show Me (Jane Powell)
7. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face (Robert Merrill)
8. Finale: I Could have Danced All Night (Jane Powell, Robert Merrill, Jan Peerce, Phil Harris & Chorale)
Recording ID
790 2738 3764 4169
[p6764 Phil Harris]