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Where's Charley? (4)
Frank Loesser (384)
Frank Loesser (384)
George Abbott [1] (37)

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Audio / Stage Cast
US / NY / New York
Music Director
Sy Oliver (46)
Ray Bolger (64), Allyn McLerie (13)

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Decca 11353
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Something for the Boys / By the Mississinewah - 1944 Paula Laurence & Betty Garrett
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On Your Toes - 1954 Revival Cast
Fade Out, Fade In - 1964 Original Broadway Cast
Arms and the Girl - 1950 Original Broadway Cast
One Touch of Venus - 1943 Original Broadway Cast
Parade - 1960 Original Off-Broadway Cast
Mexican Hayride - 1944 Original Broadway Cast
The Boy Friend - 1970 Broadway Cast
Annie Get Your Gun - 1946 Original Broadway Cast
Coco - 1970 Original Broadway Cast
The Golden Apple - 1954 Original Broadway Cast
Lost in the Stars - 1949 Original Broadway Cast
Call Me Madam - 1950 Original Cast Members
On the Town - 1944 Original Cast Members
Carmen Jones - 1944 Original Broadway Cast
Romance Romance - 1988 Original Broadway Cast
Destry Rides Again - 1959 Original Broadway Cast
Milk and Honey - 1961 Original Broadway Cast
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas - 1978 Original Broadway Cast
Carousel - 1945 Original Broadway Cast
Evita - 1979 Original Los Angeles Cast
Call Me Mister - 1946 Original Broadway Cast
Panama Hattie - 1940 Studio Cast
Applause - 1970 Original Broadway Cast
Wonderful Town - 1953 Original Broadway Cast
Me and My Girl - 1986 Original Broadway Cast
Big River - 1985 Original Broadway Cast
Sing Out, Sweet Land! - 1944 Original Broadway Cast
Bloomer Girl - 1944 Original Broadway Cast
Roberta - 1944 Studio Cast (Kitty Carlisle)
Doonesbury - 1983 Original Broadway Cast
Look Ma, I'm Dancin'! - 1948 Original Broadway Cast
High Spirits - 1964 Original Broadway Cast
Donnybrook! - 1961 Original Broadway Cast
Mr. Wonderful - 1956 Original Broadway Cast
Song of Norway - 1944 Original Cast
The King and I - 1951 Original Broadway Cast
A Connecticut Yankee - 1943 Broadway Cast
Mack & Mabel - 1974 Original Broadway Cast
Jesus Christ Superstar - 1971 Original Broadway Cast
Two Gentlemen of Verona - 1971 Original Broadway Cast
Ankles Aweigh - 1955 Original Broadway Cast
Texas, Li'l Darlin' - 1949 Original Broadway Cast
Seventh Heaven - 1955 Original Broadway Cast
Man of La Mancha - 1965 Original Broadway Cast
Guys and Dolls - 1950 Original Broadway Cast
Oklahoma! - 1943 Original Broadway Cast
Once Upon a Mattress - 1959 Original Broadway Cast
Up in Central Park - 1945 Original Cast Members
Porgy and Bess - 1940 Original Cast Members
Lute Song - 1946 Mary Martin
The Billy Barnes Revue - 1959 Original Broadway Cast
Thirty Minutes With Beatrice Lillie - Beatrice Lillie
Songs She Has Made Famous - 1947 Ethel Merman
A Souvenir Album - 1953 Gertrude Lawrence
Mary Martin in an Album of Cole Porter Songs - 1940 Mary Martin
This Is the Army - 1944 Studio Cast
Chain Store Daisy / Sing Me A Song With Social Significance - 1938 Original Cast
One Big Union for Two / Nobody Makes a Pass At Me - 1938 Original Cast
Henry, Sweet Henry / Poor Little Person - 1967 Alice Playten
Porgy and Bess Volume Two - 1942 Broadway Revival Cast Members
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13 Revisions
Disc 1:
1. Oklahoma! Finale -- Alfred Drake, Joan Roberts
song from Oklahoma!
2. Paree -- Beatrice Lillie
song from At Home Abroad
3. Nobody Makes a Pass at Me -- Millie Weitz
song from Pins and Needles
4. Chain Store Daisy -- Ruth Rubinstein
song from Pins and Needles
5. South American Way -- Carmen Miranda
song from Streets of Paris
6. My Heart Belongs to Daddy -- Mary Martin
song from Leave It to Me!
7. It Never Entered My Mind -- Shirley Ross
song from
8. I Got Plenty o' Nuttin' -- Todd Duncan
song from Porgy and Bess
9. I've Still Got My Health -- Ethel Merman
song from Panama Hattie
10. They Didn't Believe Me -- Julia Sanderson
11. Making Whoopee -- Eddie Cantor
song from Show Business
12. Thank You, North America -- Carmen Miranda
song from Sons O'Fun
13. We're Having A Baby (My Baby And Me) -- Eddie Cantor and June Clyde
song from Banjo Eyes
14. There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York -- Avon Long and Anne Brown
song from Porgy and Bess
15. I Left My Heart at the Stage Door Canteen -- Corporal Earl Oxford
song from This Is the Army
16. Oh, How I Hate to Get up in the Morning -- Irving Berlin
song from Yip Yip Yaphank
17. The Surrey With the Fringe on Top -- Alfred Drake
song from Oklahoma!
18. I Cain't Say No -- Celeste Holm
song from Oklahoma!
19. That's Him -- Mary Martin
20. Speak Low -- Mary Martin and Kenny Baker
21. Thou Swell -- Dick Foran and Julie Warren
22. To Keep My Love Alive (Parts 1 & 2) -- Vivienne Segal
23. Dat's Love -- Muriel Smith
song from Carmen Jones
Disc 2:
1. There Must Be Someone for Me -- June Havoc
song from Mexican Hayride
2. I Love You -- Wilbur Evans
song from Mexican Hayride
3. Something for the Boys -- Paula Laurence
4. By The Mississinewah -- Paula Laurence and Betty Garrett
5. Let's Begin -- Paula Laurence and Alfred Drake
song from Roberta
6. Evelina -- David Brooks and Celeste Holm
song from Bloomer Girl
7. The Eagle and Me -- Dooley Wilson
song from Bloomer Girl
8. September Song -- Walter Huston
9. Strange Music -- Lawrence Brooks and Helena Bliss
song from Song of Norway
10. Twelve O'Clock And All Is Well -- Gertrude Niesen
song from Follow the Girls
11. I Wanna Get Married -- Gertrude Niesen
song from Follow the Girls
12. I Can Cook Too -- Nancy Walker
song from On the Town
13. I Get Carried Away -- Betty Comden and Adolph Green
song from On the Town
14. Close As Pages in a Book -- Wilbur Evans and Eileen Farrell
15. Currier and Ives -- Betty Bruce
16. The Big Rock Candy Mountain -- Burl Ives
song from
17. If I Loved You -- Jan Clayton and John Raitt
song from Carousel
18. June Is Bustin' Out All Over -- Christine Johnson and Jean Darling
song from Carousel
19. Moutain High, Valley Low -- Mary Martin
song from Lute Song
20. South America, Take It Away -- Betty Garrett
song from Call Me Mister
21. You Can't Get a Man with a Gun -- Ethel Merman
22. They Say It's Wonderful -- Ethel Merman and Ray Middleton
23. Eadie Was A Lady (Parts 1 & 2) -- Ethel Merman
song from Take a Chance
Disc 3: (BONUS)
1. I Got Rhythm -- Ethel Merman
song from Girl Crazy
2. I Get a Kick out of You -- Ethel Merman
song from Anything Goes
3. Gotta Dance -- Harold Lang
4. I'm the First Girl in the Second Row -- Nancy Walker
5. Make a Miracle -- Ray Bolger and Allyn Ann McLerie
6. Once in Love with Amy -- Ray Bolger
7. Lost in the Stars -- Todd Duncan
8. The Yodel Blues -- Mary Hatcher and Kenny Delmar
9. A Girl with a Flame -- Nanette Fabray
10. There Must Be Somethin' Better Than Love -- Pearl Bailey
11. The Hostess With The Mostes' On The Ball -- Ethel Merman
song from Call Me Madam
12. I'll Know -- Robert Alda and Isabelle Bigley
song from Guys and Dolls
13. Adelaide's Lament -- Vivian Blaine
song from Guys and Dolls
14. Jenny -- Gertrude Lawrence
song from Lady in the Dark
15. Getting to Know You -- Gertrude Lawrence
song from The King and I
16. Ohio -- Rosalind Russell and Edith Adams
song from Wonderful Town
17. Lazy Afternoon -- Kaye Ballard
song from The Golden Apple
18. There's a Small Hotel -- Bobby Van and Kay Coulter
song from On Your Toes
19. Eleven O'Clock Song
song from Ankles Aweigh
Finale -- Betty and Jane Kean
song from Ankles Aweigh
20. Camille, Collette, Fifi -- Chita Rivera, Patricia Hammerlee, and Gerrianne Raphael
song from Seventh Heaven
21. Sun at My Window, Love at My Door -- Ricardo Montalban and Gloria DeHaven
song from Seventh Heaven
22. Now Is The Time -- Johnny Desmond
23. Never Again -- Johnny Desmond
24. Too Close for Comfort -- Sammy Davis, Jr.
song from Mr. Wonderful
Disc 4: (BONUS)
1. Ladies -- Dolores Gray and Girls
song from Milk and Honey
2. Fair Warning -- Dolores Gray
3. Shy -- Carol Burnett and Joe Bova
4. Too Long at the Fair -- Joyce Jameson and Jackie Joseph
5. There's No Tune Like A Show Tune -- with entire company and Jerry Herman
song from Parade
6. I Wouldn't Bet One Penny -- Susan Johnson and Eddie Foy, Jr.
song from Donnybrook!
7. You'd Better Love Me -- Tammy Grimes
song from High Spirits
8. The Usher from the Mezzanine -- Carol Burnett
9. The Impossible Dream (The Quest) -- Richard Kiley
song from Man of La Mancha
10. Poor Little Person -- Alice Playten (Single Version)
11. Coco -- Katharine Hepburn
song from Coco
12. Welcome To The Theatre -- Lauren Bacall
song from Applause
13. Won't You Charleston with Me? -- Sandy Duncan and Harvey Evans
song from The Boy Friend
14. Superstar -- Ben Vereen
15. Night Letter -- Jonelle Allen and Clifton Davis
16. Time Heals Everthing -- Bernadette Peters
song from Mack & Mabel
17. Hard Candy Christmas -- entire company
18. Don't Cry For Me, Argentina -- Patti LuPone
song from Evita
19. Just One Night -- Ralph Bruneu
song from Doonesbury
20. River in the Rain -- Daniel Jenkins and Ron Richardson
song from Big River
21. Me and My Girl -- Robert Lindey and Maryann Plunkett
song from Me and My Girl
22. I'll Always Remember the Song -- Scott Bakula and Alison Fraser
song from Romance Romance
23. There's No Business Like Show Business -- Entire company
Decca 1-191
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# Tracks
37 collectors / 5 wish lists
A1. Make a Miracle -- Ray Bolger & Allyn McLerie
B1. Once in Love with Amy -- Ray Bolger and Chorus
Naxos 8.120786
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Also Contains
Guys and Dolls - 1950 Original Broadway Cast
Dinah Shore (227), Frank Loesser (384), Gordon MacRae (194), Jo Stafford (182), Lynn Loesser (2), Morey Amsterdam (7), Norman Wisdom (18)
Includes bonus tracks from various recordings of Where's Charley and one from Neptune's Daughter
# Tracks
20 collectors / 2 wish lists
1. Runyonland Music; Fugue for Tinhorns - Stubby Kaye, Johnny Silver and Douglas Deane
2. Follow the Fold - Isabel Bigley and Chorus
3. The Oldest Established - Sam Levene, Stubby Kaye, Johnny Silver and Chorus
4. I'll Know - Robert Alda and Isabel Bigley
5. A Bushel and a Peck - Vivian Blaine and Girls
6. Adelaide's Lament - Vivian Blaine
7. Guys and Dolls - Stubby Kaye and Johnny Silver
8. If I Were a Bell - Isabel Bigley
9. My Time of Day - Robert Alda
10. I've Never Been in Love Before - Robert Alda and Isabel Bigley
11. Take Back Your Mink - Vivian Blaine and Girls
12. More I Cannot Wish You - Pat Rooney
13. Luck Be a Lady - Robert Alda and Guys
14. Sue Me - Sam Levene and Vivian Blaine
15. Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat - Stubby Kaye and Chorus
16. Marry the Man Today - Vivian Blaine and Isabel Bigley
17. Guys and Dolls: Reprise - Chorus
18. The Three-Cornered Tune - Dinah Shore (BONUS)
19. Sue Me - Morey Amsterdam (BONUS)
20. Where's Charley?: Once In Love With Amy - Ray Bolger (BONUS)
21. Where's Charley?: Make a Miracle - Ray Bolger and Allyn McLerie (BONUS)
22. Where's Charley?: The New Ashmolean (Marching Society and Students Conservatory Band) - Johnny Mercer (BONUS)
23. Where's Charley?: My Darling, My Darling - Jo Stafford and Gordon MacRae (BONUS)
24. Where's Charley?: Once in Love with Amy - Norman Wisdom (BONUS)
25. Where's Charley?: Make a Miracle - Lynn and Frank Loesser (BONUS)
26. Neptune's Daughter: Baby, It's Cold Outside - Lynn and Frank Loesser (BONUS)