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Jason Carr (20), Stephen Clark (13), Brenda Cooper, Steven Dexter (3), Patrick Dineen, Howard Goodall (21), Edward Hardy (4), Charles Hart (167), Stephen Keeling (6), Guy Kitchenn (2), Martin Lowe (14), Ben Mason (4), James McConnel (3), Andrew Peggie (3), Paul Sand (8), Peter Spafford, George Stiles [1] (70), Sarah Travis (10), Denise Wharmby (7), Eric Woolfson (19), Kate Young (8)
Adèle Anderson (24), Jason Carr (20), Stephen Clark (13), Steven Dexter (3), Patrick Dineen, Anthony Drewe (67), Howard Goodall (21), Edward Hardy (4), Charles Hart (167), Kit Hesketh-Harvey (5), Paul James (11), Stephen Keeling (6), Paul Leigh (6), Andrew MacBean (3), Shaun McKenna (8), Paul Sand (8), Peter Spafford, Mary Stewart-David (4), Denise Wharmby (7), Eric Woolfson (19)
Stephen Clark (13)

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Audio / Stage Cast
UK / England / London
John Yap (253)
Steven Edis
Music Director
Martin Koch (33)
Adèle Anderson (24), Nicolas Colicos (31), Philip Cox (11), Julian Forsyth (15), Hal Fowler (24), Andrew Holliday (21), Caroline O'Connor (68), Lewis Rae (3), Clive Rowe (33), Dawn Spence (7), Josie Walker (14), Natalie Wright (5)


TER 1201
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Disc 1:
1. The Mediterranean Sea -- The Company [Howard Goodall (music & words)]
2. The Workshop -- Philip Cox; Lewis Rae [Peter Spafford (words)]
3. From Nothing to Something -- Philip Cox; Lewis Rae [Peter Spafford (music & words)]
4. Aphrodite Hears -- Philip Cox; Dawn Spence; Caroline O'Connor [Ben Mason (music); Paul James (words)]
5. The Workshop II -- Philip Cox; Caroline O'Connor; Dawn Spence [Paul James (words)]
6. Loveable -- Philip Cox; Caroline O'Connor [James McConnel (music); Kit Hesketh-Harcey (words)]
7. Love Must Change -- Lewis Rae; Josie Walker [Steven Dexter; Stephen Clark; Stephen Keeling (music & words)]
8. Working With Wood -- Philip Cox; Lewis Rae [Kate Young (music); Paul Leigh (words)]
9. Summon Up a Storm -- Dawn Spence & Her Chorus [George Stiles (music); Anthony Drewe (words)]
10. Bull Inside My China Shop -- Caroline O'Connor; Nicolas Colicos [George Stiles (music); Anthony Drewe (words)]
11. Love Has Got a Sting in Its Tail -- Dawn Spence & Her Chorus [Brenda Cooper (music); Stephen Clark (words)]
12. Bull By the Horns -- Clive Rowe; Company [Patrick Dineen (music & words)]
13. The Garden of Dead Ends -- Clive Rowe; Philip Cox; Company [Edward Hardy (music & words)]
14. Home/Food/Blood -- Lewis Rae; Caroline O'Connor; Hal Fowler; Phillip Cox; Clive Rowe; Company [Charles Hart (music & words)]
Disc 2:
1. Every Year -- Clive Rowe; Andrew Halliday; Company [Martin Lowe (music); Andrew MacBean (words)]
2. Am I Alone? -- Andrew Halliday; Josie Walker [Martin Lowe (music); Andrew MacBean (words)]
3. If I Ever See That Face Again -- Josie Walker; Andrew Halliday; Company [Eric Woolfson (music & words)]
4. The Moment Is Here -- Josie Walker; Philip Cox; Lewis Rae; Hal Fowler [Denise Wharmby (music & words)]
5. Stay Calm -- Andrew Halliday; Hal Fowler; Company [Paul Sand (music & words)]
6. Hide Your Eyes -- Clive Rowe and Soldiers [Sarah Travis (music); Adele Anderson (words)]
7. Revenge -- Clive Rowe [Sarah Travis (music); Adele Anderson (words)]
8. Closer & Closer -- Phillip Cox; Lewis Rae and Soldiers [Sarah Travis (music); Adele Anderson (words)]
9. I've Had Enough -- Lewis Rae [Andrew Peggie (music); Stephen Clark (words)]
10. Epitaph -- Philip Cox [Andrew Peggie (music); Stephen Clark (words)]
11. Four Sicilian Princesses -- Jackie Crawford; Leigh McDonald; Emma Priest; Natalie Wright; Julian Forsyth; Philip Cox [Jason Carr (music & words)]
12. Escaped? -- Clive Rowe [Jason Carr (music & words)]
13. Positive Thought -- Julian Forsyth; Philip Cox; Company [Guy Kitchenn (music); Mary Stewart-David (words)]
14. Minos Is Here -- Jackie Crawford; Leigh McDonald; Emma Priest; Natalie Wright; Clive Rowe; Philip Cox; Company [Stephen Keeling (music); Shaun McKenna (words)]
15. If I Tell You -- The Company [Stephen Keeling (music); Shaun McKenna (words)]

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