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Porgy and Bess: Performed by a Galaxy of Jazz Legends

Hallmark 700902 (CD)

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Rhino / WEA 75828 (2-CD)

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Submitted by: hitormiss on 2007-05-12

Release Bethlehem 3BP-1 (3-LP)

Submitted by: Geoconno on 2007-07-15

Images contributed by: Deester

Release Bethlehem BR-5004/BCP-6040 (CD)

Submitted by: Geoconno on 2009-10-10

Images contributed by: Geoconno

Release Bethlehem EXLP-1-SP (LP)

Submitted by: ross on 2011-03-12

Images contributed by: ross

Release Hallmark 700902 (CD)

Submitted by: IanGUK on 2008-07-14

Images contributed by: IanGUK

Release Rhino / WEA 75828 (2-CD)

Submitted by: hitormiss on 2007-05-11

Images contributed by: hitormiss

Tracks indexed by: hitormiss on 2007-05-11

Corrections contributed by: Rodolfo (8)

Release ZYX BET 6028-2 (2-CD)

Submitted by: thecrazyowl on 2008-02-26

Images contributed by: thecrazyowl

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