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Hunter Bell (13), Nick Blaemire (23), Stephanie J. Block (30), The BMI Workshop Chorale, Kerry Butler (42), Adam Chanler-Berat (11), Mary Feinsinger, Malcolm Gets (27), Josh Grisetti (7), Gregory Jbara (30), Andy Karl (23), Kelli O'Hara (59), Karen Olivo (13), Nancy Opel (26), Adam Overett (6), David Hyde Pierce (16), Kate Reinders (12), Alice Ripley (53), Lew Spence (3), Will Swenson (20)
Songs from the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop.


Ghostlight Records 84464
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2 Revisions
1. "That's My Town!" from Ting Twusters
Music, Lyrics and Musical arrangement by Mary Feinsinger
Performed by Mary Feinsinger and the BMI Workshop Chorale
Vocal Arrangement by Michael Gilboe
2. "A Completely Different Place"
Music and Orchestration by Christopher Cooley, Lyrics by Benj Pasek
Performed by Kelli O'Hara
Orchestration by Christopher Cooley
3. "Rock City," from See Rock City & other Destinations
Music by Brad Alexander, Book and Lyrics by Adam Mathias
Performed by Will Swenson
Orchestration by Justin Hatchimonji
4. "I Was Better Off Without You" from The Dogs of Pripyat
Based on the play by Leah Napolin
Music by Aron Accurso, Lyrics by Jill Abramovitz, Book by Napolin & Abramovitz
Performed by Kerry Butler and Nick Blaemire
Orchestration by Greg Anthony
5. "He Needs Me" from We Dance
Music and Orchestration by Robert Maggio, Lyrics by Kristin Maloney
Performed by Karen Olivo
6. "New Jersey" from Flambé Dreams
Music and Orchestration by Randy Klein, Book and Lyrics by Matthew Hardy
Performed by Nancy Opel
7. "Women Leave" from China Doll Overdrive
Based on the play by Michael P. Hildago
Music and Orchestration by Linda Dowdell, Lyrics by Sara Wordsworth
Performed by Malcolm Gets and Andy Karl
8. "The Kid" from The Kid
Based on the memoir by Dan Savage
Music by Andy Monroe, Lyrics by Jack Lechner, Book by Michael Zam
Performed by Hunter Bell
Arranged by Michael Gilboe, String Arrangement by Yury Shubov
9. "My Van" from The Dirty Hippie Jam Band Project
Music by Daniel I. Israel, Lyrics by Phoebe Kreutz
Orchestration by Daniel I. Israel and Kary Haddad
Performed by Gregory Jbara and the BMI Workshop Chorale
10. "Lime Colored Sheets"
Music and Orchestration by Joy Son, Lyrics by Steve Routman
Performed by Alice Ripley
11. "Goodbye to Boston" from What's Your Story
Music and Orchestration by Sam Davis, Lyrics by Sean Hartley
Performed by David Hyde Pierce
12. "My Sky"
Music and Lyrics and Orchestration by Adam Overett
Orchestrated by Bruce Coughlin
Performed by Stephanie J. Block
13. "Evermore"
Music and Orchestration by Ron Barnett, Lyrics by Greg Edwards
Performed by Kate Reinders and Adam Chanler- Berat
14. "Penny's Song" cut from High Fidelity
Music by Tom Kitt, Lyrics by Amanda Green
Performed by Josh Grisetti and the BMI Workshop Chorale
Arranged by Michael Gilboe, String Arrangement by Yury Shubov
15. "Leaving Saint Urbain Street" from The Education of Duddy Kravitz
Based on the novel by Mordecai Richler
Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by David Spencer,
Performed by Adam Overett
16. "That Green Dress"
Music and Lyrics by Lew Spence
Performed by Lew Spence

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