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Sammy Fain (203), Frank Loesser (387)
Frank Loesser (387), Paul Francis Webster (116)
Axel Stordahl (64)
Vic Damone (166)

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Columbia 4-41649
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A. Christine
song from Christine
B. Never Will I Marry
song from Greenwillow
Stage Door STAGE 9071
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Also Contains
Artificial Flowers / Somebody to Love - 1960 Bobby Darin
Clara - 1960 Studio Cast
Dolce Far Niente / If Ever I Would Leave You - 1960 Gordon MacRae
Faraway Boy / Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) - 1960 Della Reese
Hey, Look Me Over / What Takes My Fancy - 1960 Rosemary Clooney
I Grew Up Last Night / I'm Just A Little Sparrow - 1960 Leslie Uggams
I Never Meant To Fall In Love / Eighth Wonder Of The World - 1959 Johnny Desmond
Lost Broadway 1960: Broadway's Forgotten and Obscure Musicals - Various Artists
Summertime Love / After You've Gone - 1960 Eddie Fisher
What A Feeling / Happy Is The Word - 1960 Jo Stafford
What's New At The Zoo? / Dream Your Tears Away - 1961 Pinky & Perky
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Disc 1
1. Fireworks (from 'Do Re Mi') - John Reardon, Nancy Dussault
2. What's New at the Zoo (from 'Do Re Mi') - Nancy Dussault
3. Make Someone Happy (from 'Do Re Mi') - John Reardon
4. Hey, Look Me Over! (from 'Wildcat') - Lucille Ball, Paula Stewart
5. Wildcat (from 'Wildcat') - Lucille Ball
6. Tall Hope (from 'Wildcat') - Bill Walker, Swen Swenson, Ray Mason, Charles Braswell
7. The Music of Home (from 'Greenwillow') - Bruce MacKay, Anthony Perkins
8. Summertime Love (from 'Greenwillow') - Anthony Perkins
9. Never Will I Marry (from 'Greenwillow') - Anthony Perkins
10. Faraway Boy (from 'Greenwillow') - Ellen McCown
11. I Never Meant to Fall in Love (from 'Christine') - Morley Meredith, Maureen O'Hara
12. Freedom Can Be a Most Uncomfortable Thing (from 'Christine') - Nancy Andrews
13. Christine (from 'Christine') - Morley Meredith
14. I Love Him (from 'Christine') - Maureen O'Hara
15. I Ain't Down Yet (from 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown') - Tammy Grimes, Sterling Clark, Bill Starr, Bob Daley
16. Belly Up to the Bar Boys (from 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown') - Tammy Grimes, Joseph Sirola, Company
17. Dolce Far Niente (from 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown') - Mitchell Gregg, Tammy Grimes
18. Little Old New York (from 'Tenderloin') - Eileen Rodgers, Lee Becker, Company
19. Artificial Flowers (from 'Tenderloin') - Ron Husmann
20. My Gentle Young Johnny (from 'Tenderloin') - Eileen Rodgers
21. Send Me No Flowers (from 'Send Me No Flowers') - David Wayne
22. Jealous Judy (from 'Send Me No Flowers') - David Wayne
23. London Town (from 'Vintage '60') - Fay DeWitt
24. The All Americans (from 'Vintage '60') - Fay DeWitt
Disc 2
1. Overture (from 'Clara') - Orchestra
2. What Are We Gonna Do Tonight? (from 'Clara') - Betty Garrett
3. Rootless (from 'Clara') - Jimmie Komack
4. I Can't Stop Talking (from 'Clara') - Betty Garrett, Jimmie Komack
5. It Ain't Gonna Be Easy (from 'Clara') - Johnny Standley, Sid Tomack
6. Avalon Ballroom / Going Home Blues (from 'Clara') - Orchestra
7. It's All In Your Mind (from 'Clara') - Betty Garrett, Jimmie Komack
8. No One Knows Me (from 'Clara') - Betty Garrett
9. You Got Something to Say (from 'Clara') - Johnny Standley, Sid Tomack, Betty Garrett
10. Think (from 'Clara') - Betty Garrett, Jimmie Komack
11. Little People (from 'Clara') - Johnny Standley, Sid Tomack
12. It's Never Been Done Before (from 'Clara') - Betty Garrett, Jimmie Komack
13. Corduory Road (from 'Wildcat') - Jack Jones
14. Hey, Look Me Over! (from 'Wildcat') - The Swe-Danes
15. What Takes My Fancy (from 'Wildcat') - Rosemary Clooney
16. Summertime Love (from 'Greenwillow') - Eddie Fisher
17. Never Will I Marry (from 'Greenwillow') - Nancy Wilson
18. Faraway Boy (from 'Greenwillow') - Della Reese
19. I Never Meant to Fall in Love (from 'Christine') - Johnny Desmond
20. Happy is the Word (cut from 'Christine') - Jo Stafford
21. Christine (from 'Christine') - Vic Damone
22. I'm Just a Little Sparrow (from 'Christine') - Leslie Uggams
23. Are You Sure? (from 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown') - Aretha Franklin
24. Dolce Far Niente (from 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown') - Gordon MacRae
25. Artificial Flowers (from 'Tenderloin') - Bobby Darin
26. Little Old New York (from 'Tenderloin') - The Pastors
27. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy (from 'Tenderloin') - June Christy, Jonah Jones
28. Make Someone Happy (from 'Do Re Mi') - Perry Como
29. What's New at the Zoo (from 'Do Re Mi') - Pinky and Perky with Tony Tanner
Taragon TARCD-1081
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Also Contains
A' Toujours (Till Always) / The Only Man on the Island - 1958 Vic Damone
Adrift On A Star / The Pleasure Of Her Company - 1961 Vic Damone
The Complete Columbia Singles Collection - Vic Damone
Do I Love You / The Legend of the Bells - 1956 Vic Damone
If Ever I Would Leave You / I'll Be Your Lover - 1960 Vic Damone
Penny Serenade / Save A Kiss - 1959 Vic Damone
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Disc 1:
1. Sure
2. Help Me
3. On the Street where You Live [My Fair Lady]
4. We All Need Love
5. To Love Again
6. I Cried for You
7. War and Peace
8. Speak My Love
9. One Little Boy [The Stingiest Man in Town]
10. When My Love Smiles
11. Long Before I Knew You [Bells Are Ringing]
12. You Stepped Out of a Dream
13. Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful? [Cinderella]
14. The Legend of the Bells
15. An Affair to Remember
16. In the Eyes of the World
17. Good Nite
18. Silence Is Golden
19. Junior Miss [Junior Miss]
20. I Can't Close the Book
21. The Gift of Love
22. Unafraid
23. Gigi [Gigi]
24. Life Does a Man a Favor [Oh Captain!]
Disc 2:
1. The Only Man on the Island
2. À Toujours (Till Always)
3. Forever New
4. Oooh, My Love
5. Separate Tables
6. We Kiss in a Shadow [The King and I]
7. Penny Serenade
8. Save a Kiss [Goldilocks]
9. A New Romance in Old Roma
10. My Heart Has Many Dreams
11. On a Sunday Afternoon
12. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
13. Very Warm
14. Your Smile
15. Christine [Christine]
16. Never Will I Marry [Greenwillow]
17. Never Like This
18. What Fools We Mortals Be
19. If Ever I Would Leave You [Camelot]
20. I'll Be Your Lover
21. Adrift on a Star [The Happiest Girl in the World]
22. The Pleasure of Her Company
23. Theme from "By Love Possessed"
24. If It's the Last Thing I Do

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