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1: bretbob

Masterworks Broadway SONY 96188 (CD)

4: choitoy, hitormiss, hotfootedhenry, musicaldigger

RCA LPM-3154 (LP)

8: baker_shaker, bdal, lightinthepiazza05, Marcinthedark5, musicman0976, soundofmusicals, TheMerm, UMarchives

Thelma Carpenter: Seems Like Old Times

Sepia 1080 (CD)

2: Geoconno, vladdy

The Showtime Series EP Collection: Volume Two

Stage Door STAGE 9084 (CD)

2: BroadwayGuy, Geoconno


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Submitted by: hitormiss on 2006-01-01

Release Masterworks Broadway SONY 96188 (CD)

Submitted by: hitormiss on 2011-10-19

Images contributed by: hitormiss

Tracks indexed by: hitormiss on 2011-10-19

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Release RCA LPM-3154 (LP)

Submitted by: hitormiss

Images contributed by: Deester (2)

Release RCA Victor EPA-483 (45)

Submitted by: hitormiss on 2011-11-05

Images contributed by: hitormiss (4)

Release Sepia 1080 (CD)

Submitted by: aeichlerearthlinknet on 2011-01-14

Images contributed by: AndyW

Release Stage Door STAGE 9084 (CD)

Submitted by: StageDoorLondon on 2021-05-04

Images contributed by: StageDoorLondon

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