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Retro Music 4052
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Memories Are Made Of This
Bear Family Records 15781
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Artists and Models - 1955 Studio Cast
Dean Martin Sings - 1952 Dean Martin
Living it Up - 1954 Film Soundtrack
Carmen Miranda (57), Corinne Calvet (3), Dorothy Malone (7), Helen O'Connell (26), Jerry Lewis (23), Line Renaud (3), Margaret Whiting (142), Nat King Cole (139), Peggy Lee [1] (287), Polly Bergen (30), Shirley MacLaine (13), Terry Gilkyson (15), The Easy Riders, The Starlighters (11)
Collects all Dean Martin's recordings from 1946-1955, including tracks taken directly from the soundtracks of his films.
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Disc 1
1. Which Way Did My Heart Go?
2. All Of Me
3. I Got The Sun In The Morning
4. The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi
5. Oh, Marie
6. Walkin' My Baby Back Home
7. Santa Lucia
8. Hold Me
9. Memory Lane
10. Louise
11. One Foot In Heaven
12. The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful
13. The Money Song
14. That Certain Party
15. Tarra Ta-Larra Ta-Lar
16. Once In Love With Amy
17. You Was! (& Peggy Lee)
18. Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile!...)
19. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
20. Have A Little Sympathy
21. Johnny, Get Your Girl
22. Dreamy Old New England Moon
23. Three Wishes
24. Just For Fun
25. My Own, My Only, My All
26. That Lucky Old Sun
27. Vieni Su (Say You Love Me Too!)
Disc 2:
28. Rain
29. Zing-A-Zing-A Zing Boom
30. I'm Gonna Paper All My Walls With Your Love..
31. Muskrat Ramble
32. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
33. Choo'n Gum
34. Be Honest With Me
35. I Still Get A Thrill
36. Bye Bye Blackbird
37. Happy Feet
38. Baby, Obey Me
39. I'll Always Love You (Day After Day)
40. The Darktown Strutters' Ball
41. I'm In Love With You (& Margaret Whiting)
42. Don't Rock The Boat, Dear (& Margaret Whiting)
43. Tonda Wanda Hoy
44. Who's Sorry Now?
45. Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ma'am!
46. The Peddler's Serenade
47. If
48. Beside You
49. I Love The Way You Say Goodnight
50. You And Your Beautiful Eyes
51. We Never Talk Much,We Just... (& H. O'connell)
52. How D'ya Like Your Eggs In... (& H. O'connell)
53. In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening
54. Bonne Nuit (Goodnight)
Disc 3:
55. Luna Mezzo Mare
56. Pennies From Heaven
57. Go Go Go Go
58. Aw C'mon
59. Hangin' Around With You
60. Solitaire
61. My Heart Has Found A Home Now
62. (Ma Come Bali) Bella Bimba
63. The Sailors' Polka
64. I Ran All The Way Home
65. Meanderin'
66. As You Are
67. Blue Smoke (Kohu-Auwahi)
68. Night Train To Memphis
69. Until
70. Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!
71. Come Back To Sorrento (Torna A Surriento)
72. Never Before
73. When You're Smiling
74. Won't You Surrender
75. All I Have To Give You
76. Pretty As A Picture
77. Oh, Marie
78. I Passed Your House Tonight
79. Bet-I-Cha
Disc 4:
80. You Belong To Me
81. Kiss
82. What Could Be More Beautiful
83. Little Did We Know
84. Susan
85. The Peanut Vendor
86. I Know A Dream When I See One
87. Second Chance
88. Hominy Grits
89. Just One More Chance
90. I'm Yours
91. With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
92. There's My Lover
93. A Girl Named Mary And A Boy Named Bill
94. Louise
95. Who's Your Little Who-Zis!
96. I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze
97. I Feel A Song Comin' On
98. 'til I Find You
99. Don't You Remember?
100. If I Could Sing Like Bing
101. Love Me, Love Me
102. That's Amore
103. You're The Right One
104. I'd Cry Like A Baby
105. Where Can I Go Without You?
106. If I Should Love Again
107. The Christmas Blues
Disc 5:
108. Hey, Brother, Pour The Wine
109. Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket
110. Moments Like This
111. That's What I Like
112. I Want You
113. I'd Cry Like A Baby
114. How Do You Speak To An Angel
115. Ev'ry Street's A Boulevard In Old New York
116. Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket
117. That's What I Like
118. Belle From Barcelona (O-O-LÈ, Mu-Cha-Cha)
119. Sway
120. Under The Bridges Of Paris
121. The Peddlar Man (Ten I Loved)
122. I Never Had A Chance
123. Confused
124. One More Time
125. Try Again
126. I'll Gladly Make The Same Mistake Again
127. Open Up The Doghouse (& Nat King Cole)
128. Long, Long Ago (& Nat King Cole)
129. Mississippi Mud
130. When It's Sleepy Time Down South
131. Carolina Moon
132. 'way Down Younder In New Orleans
133. Just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina
134. Georgia On My Mind
135. Waiting For The Robert E. Lee
136. Carolina In The Morning
Disc 6:
137. Let Me Go, Lover
138. The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane
139. Mambo Italiano
140. That's All I Want From You
141. Young And Foolish
142. Basin Street Blues
143. Is It True What They Say About Dixie?
144. Dinah
145. Alabamy Bound
146. Chee Chee-Oo Chee (Sang The Little Bird)
147. In Napoli
148. The Lady With The Big Umbrella
149. I Like Them All
150. Chee Chee-Oo Chee (Sang The Little Bird)
151. Love Is All That Matters
152. Simpatico
153. Ridin' Into Love
154. Relax-Ay-Voo (& Line Renaud)
155. Two Sleepy People (& Line Renaud)
156. I Know Your Mother Loves You
157. Memories Are Made Of This (& The Easy Riders)
158. Change Of Heart
159. When You Pretend
160. The Lucky Song
161. When You Pretend
162. You Look So Familiar
163. Innamorata (Sweetheart)
Disc 7 (Soundtracks):
164. Just For Fun
165. A Song In The Air
166. My One, My Only, My All
167. Here's To Love
168. Baby, Obey Me
169. Singing A Vagabound Song
170. I'll Always Love You (Querida Mia)
171. Santa Lucia/The Fiddle And Guitar Band
172. Tonda Wanda Hoy
173. You And Your Beautiful Eyes
174. Tarra Ta-Larra Ta-Lar
175. Ballin' The Jack
176. I'm In The Mood For Love
177. Today, Tomorrow, Forever
178. The Sailor's Polka
179. The Old Calliope
180. Never Before
181. The Parachute Jump
182. The Big Blue Sky (Is The Place For Me)
183. I Know A Dream When I See One
184. Keep A Little Dream Handy
185. I'm Yours
186. Who's Your Little Who Zis
187. With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
188. I Feel A Song Coming On
189. A Girl Named Mary, A Boy ... (& Polly Bergen)
190. I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze
191. Just One More Chance
192. Who's Your Little Who Zis
Disc 8 (Soundtracks):
193. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
194. You Hit The Spot
195. What Have You Done For Me Lately
196. San Domingo/The Bongo Bingo
197. When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful
198. Song Of The Enchilada Man
199. What Would You Do Without Me?
200. That's Amore
201. You're The Right One
202. It's A Whistling Kinda Morning
203. What Would You Do Without Me? (Reprise)
204. Love Is The Same (All Over The World)
205. Moments Like This
206. I Only Have Eyes For You
207. That's What I Like
208. How Do You Speak To An Angel
209. Money (Burns A Hole In My Pocket)
210. Ev'ry Street's A Boulevard In Old New York
211. It's A Big Wonderful World
212. Hey, Punchinello
213. Relax-Ay-Voo (& Jerry Lewis)
214. I Know Your Mother Loves You
215. Love Is All That Matters
216. Face The Music
217. Simpatico
218. I Like To Hike
219. Artists And Models
220. When You Pretend
221. You Look So Familiar
222. The Lucky Song
223. Innamorata
224. Artists And Models
225. When You Pretend
Dean Martin - Songs - Moviestar Collection
Emporio/Mci DVGH 709-2
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Recordings taken from the soundtracks of Dean Martin films.
# Tracks
3 collectors / 1 wish list
Ten Thousand Bedrooms (1957) - Brodsky/Cahn
1. Ten Thousand Bedrooms
2. Only Trust Your Heart (with Anna Maria Alberghetti)
3. You I Love
4. You I Love (with Anna Maria Alberghetti)
5. Money Is A Problem (with Jules Munshin)
Hollywood Or Bust (1956) Fain/Webster
6. Hollywood Or Bust (with Jerry Lewis)
7. A Day In The Country
8. It Looks Like Love (with Pat Crowley)
9. Where Can I Go Without You (with Jerry Lewis)
Pardners (1956) Van Heusen/Cahn
10 The Wind, The Wind
11. Pardners (with Jerry Lewis)
12. Me 'N' You 'N' The Moon
My Friend Irma Goes West (1950) Livingston/Evans
13. Baby, Obey Me (with Jerry Lewis & Corinne Calvet)
14. I'll Always Love You (Day After Day)
Canzoni Nel Mondo (1963) (Italian release)
15. Return To Me - Lombardi/Di Minno
16. On An Evening In Roma - Taccani/Bertini/Fredericks
Artist And Models (1955) Warren/Brooks
17. You Look So Familiar
18. The Lucky Song
19. Innamorata (with Shirley MacLaine)
20. Artists And Models (With Jerry Lewis)

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