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Pepe Jaramillo With His Latin American Rhythm

Music For Pleasure MFP 1008 (2-LP)

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Parlophone PMC1183 (LP)

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Parlophone PMCO 1183 (LP)

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Stage Door (Audio File)

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Parlophone PMCO 1183 (LP)

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Submitted by: NotSinceCarrie on 2008-02-24

Release Music For Pleasure MFP 1008 (2-LP)

Submitted by: ross on 2011-02-08

Release Parlophone PMC1183 (LP)

Submitted by: AndyW on 2011-07-10

Images contributed by: AndyW

Release Parlophone PMCO 1183 (LP)

Submitted by: NotSinceCarrie on 2008-02-24

Images contributed by: NotSinceCarrie

Release Stage Door (Audio File)

Submitted by: BroadwayGuy on 2013-10-05

Images contributed by: BroadwayGuy

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