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3.8 / 5 (4 votes)

Rated by: TXTyler (4), choitoy (4), DizzyMissLizzy (4), koukol (3)



Submitted by: hitormiss on 2006-01-01

Corrections contributed by: TXTyler, Archivist, GuidoContini, Nirfos

Release Absord ABCS-55~56 (2-CD)

Submitted by: hitormiss on 2007-12-29

Images contributed by: hitormiss

Release SOLID CDSOL-1832/33 (2-CD)

Submitted by: TXTyler on 2019-12-16

Images contributed by: TXTyler

Release Trio 3B-20001-2 (2-LP)

Submitted by: hitormiss

Images contributed by: MusicalesPeru (2), evitainternational

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