Natalie Weiss Discography


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Audio Recordings

Recording Role
Sound Clips The Battery's Down: Season 1 - 2008 Soundtrack Performer
Sound Clips Dear Edwina - 2008 Studio Cast Performer
Sound Clips Reach the Sky: Bobby Cronin Live at the Beechman - 2009 Bobby Cronin Performer
Sound Clips Love Me, Love Me Not: The Music of Joey Contreras - 2010 Joey Contreras Performer
Sound Clips Our First Mistake: The Songs of Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk - 2010 Various Artists Performer
Sound Clips Thirteen Stories Down: The Songs of Jonathan Reid Gealt - 2010 Jonathan Reid Gealt Performer
Sound Clips Out of Our Heads: The Music of Kooman & Dimond - 2011 Various Artists Performer
Sound Clips Live - 2012 Scott Alan Performer
Sound Clips Natalie Weiss - 2013 Natalie Weiss Performer
Sound Clips Whatever I Want It To Be - 2015 Jonathan Reid Gealt Performer
Sound Clips 21 & Counting - 2016 Eric Anthony Lopez Performer
Abandoned Heart - 2017 Michael Mott
Sound Clips The Greatest Showman - 2017 Film Soundtrack Performer
A Never-Ending Line - 2019 Studio Cast Performer
Platinum Girls - 2019 Concept Cast Performer
Weird! - 2019 Studio Cast Performer
Emojiland - 2020 Original Off-Broadway Cast Performer
Heart of Stone - 2020 Natalie Weiss Performer
In Pieces - 2021 Studio Cast Performer
Little Black Book - 2021 Concept Cast Performer
Sound Clips Here for You: Ballads for Broadway Impact - Broadway Impact Performer

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

Recording Role
Nor.Mal - 2005 Demo Performer
Tales From the Bad Years - 2006 Demo Performer
Girl Detective - 2008 Demo Performer
Bunked - 2010 Demo Performer

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