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Audio Recordings

Recording Role
Sound Clips I'll Cry Tomorrow - 1953 Lillian Roth Conductor
Those Redheads from Seattle - 1953 Soundtrack Music Director
Happy Habit / Hang Up - 1954 Dolores Gray with the Ray Charles Singers Conductor
Sound Clips Guys and Dolls - 1956 Sammy Davis Jr. Music Director
I Could Have Danced All Night / The World In My Corner - 1956 Sylvia Syms Conductor
It's A Lonesome Old Town - 1956 Kitty Kallen Conductor
Sound Clips Jerry Lewis Just Sings - 1956 Jerry Lewis Conductor
Songs I Wish I Had Sung (the First Time Around...) - 1956 Bing Crosby Music Director
All Dressed Up And No Place To Go / Moment Of Madness - 1957 Sammy Davis Jr. Conductor
Sound Clips Boy Meets Girl - 1957 Sammy Davis Jr. & Carmen McRae Conductor
Coax Me / Rich Man, Poor Man - 1957 Carmen McRae Conductor
I Would Love You Still / How Do You Say Goodbye - 1957 The Four Aces Conductor
It's Good To Be Alive / Be Good (To Me) - 1957 Sylvia Syms Conductor
Sound Clips Mad About the Man - 1957 Carmen McRae Conductor
Mad Ball / Cool Credo - 1957 Sammy Davis Jr. Conductor
More Jerry Lewis - 1957 Jerry Lewis Conductor
Red Letter Day / The First Time I Spoke Of You - 1957 Richard Hayes Conductor
The Nature Of Things / The Night They Invented Champagne - 1958 Sylvia Syms Conductor
Anyone Would Love You • The Five Pennies - 1959 The Four Aces Conductor
Ballad Of A Gun / Love Is A Carousel - 1959 Richard Hayes Conductor
Fair Warning / You'll Never Get Away From Me - 1959 Sammy Davis Jr. Musician
Golden Songs Of Tin Pan Alley - 1959 Kay Armen Conductor
Why, Why, Why / Just For Once - 1959 Toni Arden Conductor
Dear Mr. Gable - 1961 Karen Chandler Conductor
Sound Clips Bye Bye Birdie - 1962 Bobby Rydell Conductor
Concertos From Hollywood - 1963 Bill Butler Conductor
Sound Clips An Era Reborn - 1963 Helen O'Connell Music Director
A Jack Jones Christmas - 1969 Jack Jones Producer

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

Recording Role
Carefree Heart - Studio Cast

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