Daniel Boys Discography


Audio Recordings

Recording Role
Sound Clips Act One: Songs From The Musicals Of Alexander S. Bermange - 2008 Studio Cast Performer
Sound Clips Music Music Music - 2008 John Barrowman Performer
Sound Clips A Spoonful of Stiles & Drewe - 2008 Concert Cast Performer
Sound Clips Christmas in New York - 2009 Various Artists Performer
Sound Clips Only You Can Save Mankind - 2009 Studio Cast Performer
So Close - 2009 Daniel Boys Performer
Sound Clips More with Every Line: the Music of Tim Prottey-Jones - 2010 Tim Prottey-Jones Performer
Sound Clips The Sound of Rodgers and Hammerstein - 2010 Helena Blackman Performer
Wolfboy - 2010 Original London Cast Performer
Sound Clips Acoustic Overtures: The Songs of Dougal Irvine - 2011 Various Artists Performer
Sound Clips I'll Bring You A Song - 2011 Shona White Performer
Sound Clips Unwritten Songs - 2011 Various Artists Performer
Sound Clips Hey Producer - 2012 Danny Davies Performer
Sound Clips The In-Between - 2012 Concept Cast Performer
Momentous Musicals - 2012 Various Artists Performer
Love, Lies & Lyrics: The Words Of Lesley Ross - 2015 Various Artists Performer
Nativity! - 2017 Original Cast Performer
Vanara - 2018 Workshop Cast Performer
Something's Afoot - 2019 Studio Cast Performer
Gabriel - 2020 Studio Cast Performer
Treason - 2020 Studio Cast Performer
The Andrew Fisher Songbook - 2021 Various Artists Performer
Lighting the Fuse: Sparks from Treason in Concert - 2022 Concert Cast Performer
The Musicality of Sondheim, Vol. 2 - Various Artists Performer

Video Recordings

Recording Role
An Evening With John Barrowman - 2009 John Barrowman Performer
Treason - 2021 Concert Cast Performer

Noncommercial Audio Recordings

Recording Role
Andrew Lloyd Webber's Birthday in the Park - 2008 Concert Cast Performer
Pieces of String - 2015 Demo Performer

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