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Stop the World, I Want to Get Off - Original London Cast2011-07-28Audio FileStage Door Records
Do Re Mi - Original London Cast
Polly Bergen Sings Songs from Do Re Mi & Annie Get Your Gun - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2011-07-28Audio FileStage Door Records
On the Brighter Side - Original London CastSound ClipsAudio FileStage Door Records
The Desert Song - Studio Cast (Mario Lanza)Sound Clips2010-10-22Audio FileStage Door Records
Songs of Perfect Propriety - Barbara CookSound Clips2016-06-17CDStage Door Records 2350
Dorothy Loudon at the Blue Angel & Other Rarities
Dorothy Loudon at the Blue Angel - Dorothy Loudon
2016-01-15CDStage Door Records STAGE 2320
Hi-Ho And Other Rarities: Mary Sings And Mary Swings Walt Disney
Walt Disney's Story of Sleeping Beauty - Studio Cast (Mary Martin)
Hi-Ho: Mary Sings and Mary Swings Walt Disney Favorites - Mary Martin
Daughter of Silence / I Got the Sun in the Morning - Mary Martin
2016-12-02CDStage Door Records STAGE 2370
...and Then I Wrote The Music Man - Rini and Meredith Willson
The Music from Meredith Willson's The Music Man Conducted by Meredith Willson - Meredith Willson
2017-02-24CDStage Door Records STAGE 2380
Rodgers and Hammerstein Songbook - Richard Kiley2017-04-28CDStage Door Records STAGE 2390
Man in the Moon - Original Broadway Cast
Man in the Moon - Composer Demo
2017-06-30CDStage Door Records STAGE 2400
Moby Dick - Studio Cast
Lost West End 2 - Various Artists
2016-07-29CDStage Door Records STAGE 9046
Maddie - London Cast
Maddie - Demo
Sound Clips2016-10-142-CDStage Door Records STAGE 9047
Drake's Dream - Original London Cast2017-01-27CDStage Door Records STAGE 9048
Blondel - Original London Cast
Performance: The Very Best Of Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber - Various Artists
Running Back For More / Monks' Introduction To Blondel - Sharon Lee Hill
2017-05-262-CDStage Door Records STAGE 9050
Lost West End Vintage: London's Forgotten Musicals 1948-1962 - Various Artists2017-07-282-CDStage Door Records STAGE 9051
Half a Sixpence: The Original Demo Recordings
Songs from the Musical Half a Sixpence - Studio Cast
Half a Sixpence - Demo
2017-09-29CDStage Door Records Stage 9052
When Love Is Gone - Meredith BraunSound Clips2017-11-10CDStage Door Records STAGE 9053
Live at the Cafe De Paris - Hermione GingoldSound Clips2023-05-05CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 001
Lovelady - Lovelady PowellSound Clips2023-05-05CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 002
Harmony Close - Original London Cast
Getting Nowhere Fast • Life Should Be a Lively Thing - Mike Shaun
London Is A Village • Why Should I Care - Maxine Daniels
Harmony Close - Robert French and His Continental Orchestra
Sound Clips2023-07-01CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 003
The Al Goodman Collection - Volume One
Eileen - Studio Cast
Polonaise - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2023-07-14CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 004
New Cranks - Original London CastSound Clips2023-07CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 005
The Al Goodman Collection - Volume Two
Blossom Time - Studio Cast (Al Goodman)
The Student Prince - Studio Cast (Al Goodman)
Sound Clips2023-08-12CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 006
Gigi - London Studio CastSound Clips2023-09CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 007
The Al Goodman Collection - Volume Three
The Desert Song (Al Goodman) - Studio Cast
The New Moon - Studio Cast (Al Goodman)
Sound Clips2023-09-16CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 008
All in Love - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2023CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 009
The Al Goodman Collection - Volume Four
Naughty Marietta - Studio Cast (Al Goodman)
Sweethearts - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2023-10-21CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 010
Godspell - London Studio CastSound Clips2023-11-04CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 011
The Al Goodman Collection - Volume Five
Rose Marie - Studio Cast
The Red Mill - Studio Cast (Al Goodman)
Sound Clips2023-11-18CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 012
The Lord Chamberlain Regrets...! - Original London CastSound Clips2023-12-02CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 013
The Al Goodman Collection - Volume Six
The Vagabond King - Studio Cast (Earl Wrightson)
The Firefly - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2023-12-16CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 014
The Al Goodman Collection - Volume 7
The Merry Widow - Studio Cast (Al Goodman)
The Chocolate Soldier - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2024-01-13CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 015
Wildcat - Studio Cast
Cy Coleman Plays His Own Compositions from Wildcat - Cy Coleman
Sound Clips2024-01-27CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 016
The Al Goodman Collection - Volume Eight
The Mikado - Studio Cast (Al Goodman)
H.M.S. Pinafore - Studio Cast (Al Goodman)
Sound Clips2024-02-18CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 017
Fly Blackbird - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2024-03-02CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 018
The Al Goodman Collection - Volume Nine
Roberta - Studio Cast (Al Goodman)
Jerome Kern Melodies - Al Goodman & His Orchestra
Sound Clips2024-03-16CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 019
Young Abe Lincoln - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2024-03-29CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 020
The Al Goodman Collection - Volume Ten
Miss Liberty - Studio Cast
Annie Get Your Gun - Al Goodman and His Orchestra
Sound Clips2024-04-13CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 021
The McGuire Sisters Sing The Betty Comden, Adolph Green and Jule Styne Score from the Musical Production Subways Are for Sleeping - The McGuire SistersSound Clips2024-04-27CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 022
The Al Goodman Collection - Volume Eleven
A Connecticut Yankee - Studio Cast
Rio Rita - Studio Cast
Guys and Dolls - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2024-05-11CD-RStage Door Records STAGEOD 023