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Die Dreigroschenoper - Studio CastSound Clips1990CDPhilips Classics 426 668-2
Take Flight - Original London CastSound Clips2008-08-05Audio FilePS Classics
Xanadu - Original Broadway Cast2008CDPS Classics
Striking 12 Bonus Tracks - Groovelily2009Audio FilePS Classics
Xanadu - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2007CDPS Classics
Sweet Bye and Bye - Studio CastSound Clips2011-07-12CDPS Classics
Broadway Baby
Follies - Broadway Cast
2012Audio FilePS Classics
Nine - Broadway CastCD SinglePS Classics
Without You - Anthony RappSound Clips2012-12-11CDPS Classics
Jerome Kern: The Land Where the Good Songs Go - Concert CastSound Clips2012-12-112-CDPS Classics
All This Happiness - Judy KuhnSound Clips2013-06-04CDPS Classics
Far From Heaven - Original CastSound Clips2013-11-12CDPS Classics
Misia - Studio CastSound Clips2015-06-16CDPS Classics
The Floor Above Me - Tony YazbeckSound Clips2016-02-05CDPS Classics
The First Time... - Nicholas RodriguezSound Clips2015-07-16CDPS Classics
Will He Like Me?: A Love Story - Philip ChaffinSound Clips2018-11-09CDPS Classics
Piaf: No Regrets - Christine AndreasSound Clips2018-11-09CDPS Classics
Something for the Boys - Studio CastSound Clips2018-12-14CDPS Classics
It's Only Life - Concert CastSound Clips20067-Audio FilePS Classics
Anything Can Happen in the Theater - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2020-04-03CDPS Classics
Maury Sings Yeston - Maury YestonSound Clips2020-12-042-CDPS Classics
The Enchanted Train - Rebecca Luker & Matthew ScottSound Clips2020-10-16Audio FilePS Classics
Where Do I Go From You? - Philip ChaffinSound Clips2002-04-30CDPS Classics 101
Windflowers: the Songs of Jerome Moross - Concert CastSound Clips2001-05-01CDPS Classics 102
Through the Years - Studio CastSound Clips2001-10-02CDPS Classics 103
Finian's Rainbow - Broadway CastSound Clips2010-02-02CDPS Classics 1088
Life Begins at 8:40 - Studio CastSound Clips2010-06-08CDPS Classics 1090
Lullaby of Broadway - The Broadway BoysSound Clips2010-06-08CDPS Classics 1091
Throw It to the Wind - Christa JustusSound Clips2010-06-08CDPS Classics 1092
Sondheim on Sondheim - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2010-08-312-CDPS Classics 1093
La Cage Aux Folles - Broadway CastSound Clips2010-09-28CDPS Classics 1094
Love on a Summer Afternoon: Songs of Sam Davis - Various ArtistsSound Clips2010-11-02CDPS Classics 1095
Strings Attached - Anne SteeleSound Clips2010-11-02CDPS Classics 1096
She Loves Him: Live at Feinstein's - Kate Baldwin with Sheldon HarnickSound Clips2011-07-12CDPS Classics 1101
The Trumpet of the Swan - Studio CastSound Clips2011-06-21CDPS Classics 1197
The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess - Broadway CastSound Clips2012-05-222-CDPS Classics 1206
Sweet Little Devil - Studio CastSound Clips2012-05-22CDPS Classics 1207
Merrily We Roll Along - Concert CastSound Clips2012-07-102-CDPS Classics 1208
The Carlyle Set - Christine AndreasSound Clips2012-10-16CDPS Classics 1209
I Got Love: Songs of Jerome Kern - Rebecca LukerSound Clips2013-01-29CDPS Classics 1312
Noël and Cole - Various ArtistsSound Clips2013-02-26CDPS Classics 1313
If I Tell You: Songs of Maury Yeston - Laura OsnesSound Clips2013-06-04CDPS Classics 1314
Passion - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2013-07-022-CDPS Classics 1317
Somethin' Real Special: The Songs of Dorothy Fields - Philip ChaffinSound Clips2013-11-12CDPS Classics 1318
Yank! - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2014-02-25CDPS Classics 1420
Fun Home - Original CastSound Clips2014-02-25CDPS Classics 1421
Violet - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2014-06-032-CDPS Classics 1422
Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill - Broadway CastSound Clips2014-07-152-CDPS Classics 1423
The Golden Apple - Lyric StageSound Clips2015-06-022-CDPS Classics 1528
Fun Home - Broadway CastSound Clips2015-05-19CDPS Classics 1529
On the Twentieth Century - Broadway CastSound Clips2015-05-192-CDPS Classics 1532
A New Brain - Concert CastSound Clips2016-02-052-CDPS Classics 1533
Renaissance - Cheyenne JacksonSound Clips2016-06-03CDPS Classics 1634
The Theory of Relativity - Original CastSound Clips2016-06-03CDPS Classics 1635
All the Girls - Rebecca Luker & Sally WilfertSound Clips2021-03-05CDPS Classics 2043
Pentimento - Jessica MolaskeySound Clips2002-06-04CDPS Classics 205
First Lady Suite - Los Angeles CastSound Clips2003-03-04CDPS Classics 206
Only Heaven - Studio CastSound Clips2002-10-01CDPS Classics 207
Here's To The Ladies - Christine AndreasSound Clips2002-10-15CDPS Classics 208
Songs of Jason Robert Brown - Lauren KennedySound Clips2003-03-04CDPS Classics 209
The Maury Yeston Songbook - Studio CastSound Clips2003-04-08CDPS Classics 310
A Good Day - Jessica MolaskeySound Clips2003-05-20CDPS Classics 311
Nine - Broadway CastSound Clips2003-06-17CDPS Classics 312
My Life with Albertine - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2003-10-07CDPS Classics 313
Zanna, Don't! - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2003-10-07CDPS Classics 314
Leaving Home - Rebecca LukerSound Clips2004-03-16CDPS Classics 415
A Year With Frog And Toad - Original CastSound Clips2004-04-06CDPS Classics 416
Safe Return - Jane OlivorSound Clips2004-04-27CDPS Classics 417
Strange Weather - Jack DonahueSound Clips2004-05-04CDPS Classics 418
Fiddler on the Roof - Broadway CastSound Clips2004-06-08CDPS Classics 420
Assassins - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2004-08-03CDPS Classics 421
Make Believe - Jessica MolaskeySound Clips2004-10-05CDPS Classics 422
Collage - Luba MasonSound Clips2004-10-05CDPS Classics 423
A Lot of Livin' - Deborah TranelliSound Clips2004-10-05CDPS Classics 424
The Frogs - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2005-01-25CDPS Classics 525
Striking 12 - Original CastSound Clips2005-03-22CDPS Classics 526
Warm Spring Night - Philip ChaffinSound Clips2005-06-07CDPS Classics 527
Pacific Overtures - Broadway CastSound Clips2005-05-10CDPS Classics 528
Captain Louie - York Theatre CastSound Clips2005-05-10CDPS Classics 530
Lone Star Love - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2006-01-10CDPS Classics 531
Dancing In The Dark - Jeff HarnarSound Clips2005-10-04CDPS Classics 534
Opposite You - Marin Mazzie & Jason DanieleySound Clips2005-11-08CDPS Classics 536
December Songs - Isabelle GeorgesSound Clips2006-03-07CDPS Classics 637
It's Only Life - Concert CastSound Clips2006-05-30CDPS Classics 639
Sunday in the Park with George - London CastSound Clips2006-05-30CDPS Classics 640
Grey Gardens - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2006-08-22CDPS Classics 642
I Love You Because - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2006-10-03CDPS Classics 643
Songs I Taught My Mother - Charlotte RaeSound Clips2006-11-14CDPS Classics 644
If I Sing: The Songwriters Album - Studio CastSound Clips2006-11-14CDPS Classics 645
Charles Sings Strouse - Charles StrouseSound Clips2003-11-14CDPS Classics 646
A Little Midsummer Night's Music - Original CastSound Clips2007-04-10CDPS Classics 747
This Ordinary Thursday: The Songs of Georgia Stitt - Studio CastSound Clips2007-04-10CDPS Classics 748
Keeping You In Mind - Emily SaxeSound Clips2007-08-28CDPS Classics 749
Sitting in Limbo - Jessica MolaskeySound Clips2007-05-08CDPS Classics 751
Here And Now - Lauren KennedySound Clips2007-11-06CDPS Classics 752
The Magic Tree House: The Musical - Studio CastSound Clips2007-06-05CDPS Classics 753
110 in the Shade - Broadway CastSound Clips2007-06-12CDPS Classics 754
Fifteen Seconds of Grace - Victoria ClarkSound Clips2007-11-06CDPS Classics 755
A Deeper Shade of Red - Andrea BurnsSound Clips2007-11-06CDPS Classics 756
Jonathan Sings Larson - Jonathan LarsonSound Clips2007-11-06CD, DVDPS Classics 757
Xanadu - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2008-01-08CDPS Classics 858
Take Flight - Original London CastSound Clips2008-01-08CDPS Classics 859
Happy Days - Original CastSound Clips2008-01-08CDPS Classics 860
A Long and Winding Road - Maureen McGovernSound Clips2008-04-29CDPS Classics 861
Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust - Kerry ButlerSound Clips2008-05-13CDPS Classics 862
One Ounce of Truth - Capathia JenkinsSound Clips2008-05-13CDPS Classics 863
Adding Machine - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2008-06-03CDPS Classics 865
The Grapes of Wrath - Minnesota OperaSound Clips2008-08-263-CDPS Classics 866
Stage Door Johnny:John Miller Takes On Broadway - John MillerSound Clips2008-09-16CDPS Classics 867
Jason Danieley and the Frontier Heroes - Jason DanieleySound Clips2008-09-16CDPS Classics 868
Smile - Demo
Howard Sings Ashman - Howard Ashman
Sound Clips2008-11-04CDPS Classics 869
When The Wind Blows South - Philip ChaffinSound Clips2008-11-11CDPS Classics 870
Dear Edwina - Studio CastSound Clips2008-11-11CDPS Classics 871
Live At Joe's Pub - Jackie HoffmanSound Clips2008-11-11CDPS Classics 872
Were The World Mine - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2008-11-11CDPS Classics 873
The Marvelous Wonderettes - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2008-11-11CDPS Classics 874
Fine and Dandy - Studio CastSound Clips2004-05-25CDPS Classics 9419
Sondheim Sings, Vol. 1: 1962-1972 - Stephen SondheimSound Clips2005-05-10CDPS Classics 9529
Sondheim Sings, Vol. 2: 1946-1960 - Stephen SondheimSound Clips2005-10-25CDPS Classics 9533
Hugh Sings Martin - Hugh MartinSound Clips2006-01-06CDPS Classics 9535
Jule Styne in Hollywood - Studio CastSound Clips2006-05-23CDPS Classics 9638
Dream True - Studio CastSound Clips2006-05-30CDPS Classics 9641
Somethin' Like Love - Steven PasqualeSound Clips2009-04-21CDPS Classics 975
The Journey Home - Malcolm GetsSound Clips2009-06-02CDPS Classics 976
Sleeping Beauty Wakes - GroovelilySound Clips2009-03-31CDPS Classics 977
Alphabet City Cycle - Kate BaldwinSound Clips2009-03-31Audio FilePS Classics 978
This Place I Know - Stephanie J. BlockSound Clips2009-06-02CDPS Classics 980
The Story of My Life - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-06-02CDPS Classics 981
Unzipped: Live at the Zipper - Kate PazakisSound Clips2009-07-07CDPS Classics 982
Gutenberg! - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2009-11-03CDPS Classics 983
Passage of Time - Liz CallawaySound Clips2009-10-20CDPS Classics 984
Greenwich Time - Rebecca LukerSound Clips2009-10-20CDPS Classics 985
Let's See What Happens - Kate BaldwinSound Clips2009-10-20CDPS Classics 986
Kitty's Kisses - Studio CastSound Clips2009-10-20CDPS Classics 987
On the Town - Broadway CastSound Clips2015-03-172-CDPS Classics CD125
A Minister's Wife - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2011-08-30CDPS Classics PS 1102
Strike Up the Band - Studio Cast (1930 version)Sound Clips2011-06-21CDPS Classics PS-1100
Death Takes A Holiday - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2011-10-11CDPS Classics PS-1104
Follies - Broadway CastSound Clips2011-11-292-CDPS Classics PS-1105
Rodgers, Rodgers & Guettel - Judy KuhnSound Clips2015-06-02CDPS Classics PS-1530
Piaf: No Regrets - Christine AndreasSound ClipsLPPS Classics PS-1838
Grey Gardens - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2007-03-27CDPS Classics PS-642
A Catered Affair - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2008-05-27CDPS Classics PS-864
A Catered Affair - Original Broadway Cast2008CDPS Classics PS-864
Adding Machine - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2008-06-03CDPS Classics PS-865
Road Show - Off-Broadway CastCDPS Classics / Nonesuch
Company - Broadway CastSound Clips2007-02-20CDPS Classics / Nonesuch 106876-2
Road Show - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2009-06-30CDPS Classics / Nonesuch 518940
A Little Night Music - Broadway CastSound Clips2010-04-062-CDPS Classics / Nonesuch 523488