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The Scarlet Pimpernel - Original Broadway Cast1997CDCossette / Haber / Hallmark Entertainment DIDX 050081 CHB02
Call Me Madam - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2004CDHallmark
My Fair Lady - Studio Cast2006-12-19CDHallmark
42nd Street - Studio Cast2006-12-19CDHallmark
Miss Saigon - Studio CastSound Clips2002-10-28CDHallmark
Carousel - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2007-03-12CDHallmark
Oklahoma! - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2007-03-12CDHallmark
Gypsy - TV FilmSound Clips1999-02-16VHSHallmark
Show Boat - SoundtrackSound Clips2007-08-07CDHallmark
High Society - Studio CastSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark
Annie - Studio CastSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark
The Pajama Game - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2008-06-16CDHallmark
Paint Your Wagon - Studio CastSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark
Howard Lanin Plays Flower Drum Song - Instrumental AlbumSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark
My Fair Lady - Russ Case & OrchestraSound Clips2008-07-01Audio FileHallmark
South Pacific Jazz - Tony Scott Jazz QuartetSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark
Rose-Marie - Studio CastSound Clips2008-11-01Audio FileHallmark
Rogers & Hart in London
Lido Lady - Original London Cast
There's a Small Hotel / On Your Toes - Jack Whiting
On Your Toes Medley - Carroll Gibbons Orchestra
Sound Clips2008-10-01Audio FileHallmark
The King and I for Orchestra - Warren BarkerSound Clips2009-03-03Audio FileHallmark
West Side Story - Manny Albam and His Jazz GreatsSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark
Jerome Kern In London: 1914-23, Vol. 2
Sally - Original London Cast
Sound Clips2008-09-01Audio FileHallmark
Jerome Kern In London: 1914-23, Vol. 1
Oh, Joy! - Original London Cast
Sound Clips2008-09-01Audio FileHallmark
Rudolf Friml In London
The Three Musketeers - London Cast
Rose Marie - Original London Cast
The Vagabond King - London Cast
The Blue Kitten - Original London Cast
Sound Clips2008-07-012-CDHallmark
West Side Story - Studio CastSound Clips2008-09-01Audio FileHallmark
Flower Drum Song - Studio CastSound Clips2009-05-22Audio FileHallmark
The Band Wagon - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark
Annie Get Your Gun - Studio CastSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark
Pinocchio - Television CastSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark
Show Boat - Original London CastSound ClipsCDHallmark
Auntie Bea - Beatrice LillieSound Clips2008-07-08Audio FileHallmark
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark
Kiss Me, Kate - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark
The King and I - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2007-08-07CDHallmark
Annie Get Your Gun - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2009-04-14CDHallmark
Pal Joey - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2008-06-17CDHallmark
Singin' in the Rain - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2007-08-07CDHallmark
Carousel - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark
The Golden Voice of Deanna Durbin - Deanna DurbinSound Clips2007-08-07CDHallmark
This Ole House - Rosemary ClooneySound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark
Oliver! - London Studio CastSound Clips2009-11-10CDHallmark
A Summer Place - The Percy Faith OrchestraSound Clips1998-06-01CDHallmark
Cotton Club Revue - Original CastSound Clips2009-02-01Audio FileHallmark
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - London Studio CastSound Clips2009-11-10CDHallmark
A Snow White Christmas - TV Film2002-08-20VHSHallmark
Porgy and Bess - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2010-05-24CDHallmark
The Sound of Music - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2010-06-14CDHallmark
Love Me or Leave Me - Film Soundtrack
Young at Heart - Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips2007-08-07CDHallmark
Once Over Lightly - Jo Stafford with the Art Van Damme QuintetSound Clips2009-04-07CDHallmark
Debbie - Debbie ReynoldsSound Clips2010-05-24CDHallmark
The Music Man - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2010-07-12CDHallmark
It's Five Fifteen And Time For Henry Hall And The B.B.C. Dance Orchestra - Henry Hall and the B.B.C. Dance OrchestraSound Clips2009-05-30Audio FileHallmark
The Voice Of Romance - Richard TauberSound Clips1996Audio FileHallmark
Jamaica Jazz - Don Elliott OctetSound Clips2008Audio FileHallmark
Journey Back to Oz - Film1996-04-23VHSHallmark
Cinderella - TV Cast1995-10-10VHSHallmark
Song of Norway - Jones Beach Marine TheatreSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark
The Five Pennies - SoundtrackSound Clips2010-09-20CDHallmark
West Side Story - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2010-10-18CDHallmark
Sing Out, Sweet Land! - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-08-11Audio FileHallmark
The Chocolate Soldier - Studio CastSound Clips2010-07-01Audio FileHallmark
Mrs. Santa Claus - TV Film2002-08-20VHSHallmark
Selections from Lerner & Loewe's My Fair Lady - Studio Cast (Lola Fisher)Sound Clips2009-12-01Audio FileHallmark
The Water Gipsies - Original London CastSound Clips2010-02-01Audio FileHallmark
Fiddler on the Roof - Studio CastSound Clips2009-08-25Audio FileHallmark
The King and I and Flower Drum Song - Dino Martinelli and his OrchestraSound Clips2010-01-01Audio FileHallmark
Oklahoma! - Studio CastSound Clips2009-08-25Audio FileHallmark
Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be - Original London CastSound Clips2011-03-14CDHallmark
Flower Drum Song - Original London CastSound Clips2011-03-14CDHallmark
Follow That Girl - Original London CastSound Clips2011-03-14CDHallmark
Music Of Richard Rodgers - Carmen CavallaroSound Clips2009-02-01Audio FileHallmark
Song Hits from Theatreland - Mantovani and his OrchestraSound Clips2008-07-01Audio FileHallmark
50 All Time Broadway Showstoppers - London Theatre OrchestraSound Clips2008-08-01Audio FileHallmark
Dance To The Hits Of The Most Happy Fella - Les Elgart and His OrchestraSound Clips2009-05-22Audio FileHallmark
Mary Poppins - Studio CastSound Clips2009-08-18Audio FileHallmark
Mary Poppins - Studio CastSound Clips2008-09-01Audio FileHallmark
Baubles, Bangles, And Beads - The Kirby Stone FourSound Clips2008-11-01CDHallmark
Swingin' Down Broadway - Jo StaffordSound Clips2010-01-01Audio FileHallmark
Broadway Hits In Hi-fi - Irving Fields TrioSound Clips2009-01-01CDHallmark
Broadway Hits In Hi-fi - Irving Fields TrioSound Clips2009-01-01CDHallmark
South Pacific Blows Warm - Bob Crosby And His BobcatsSound Clips2008-12-01CDHallmark
South Pacific Blows Warm - Bob Crosby And His BobcatsSound Clips2008-12-01CDHallmark
The Most Happy Fella - Percy Faith and his OrchestraSound Clips2009-05-22CDHallmark
Porgy and Bess - Percy Faith and his OrchestraSound Clips2009-10-01CDHallmark
Piano Selections - Charlie KunzSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark
Broadway Spectacular - André Kostelanetz and His OrchestraSound Clips2008-11-01Audio FileHallmark
My Fair Lady & The King And I
My Fair Lady - Studio Cast (Cyril Stapleton and His Orchestra)
The King and I - Studio Cast (Cyril Stapleton and His Orchestra)
Sound Clips2010-01-01CDHallmark
My Fair Lady Loves Jazz - Billy Taylor Trio & Quincy JonesSound Clips2008-06-01CDHallmark
The Shows Collection - Various2009-10-12CDHallmark
Dancing With Gigi - Ray Ellis & His OrchestraSound Clips2010-01-01CDHallmark
Roberta - Studio Cast
Show Boat - Studio Cast (Russ Case)
The Merry Widow - Richard Muller & Lampertz Orchestra & Chorus
The Student Prince - Studio Cast (Russ Case)
Sound Clips2008-05-01CDHallmark
The Student Prince - Studio Cast (Russ Case)Sound Clips2008-05-01CDHallmark
Musical Comedy Favorites - André Kostelanetz & His Orchestra
Musical Comedy Favorites, Vol. 2 - André Kostelanetz & His Orchestra
Sound Clips2009-01-01Audio FileHallmark
Musical Comedy Favorites - André Kostelanetz & His Orchestra
Musical Comedy Favorites, Vol. 2 - André Kostelanetz & His Orchestra
Sound Clips2009-01-01Audio FileHallmark
Gay's the Word - Original London Cast
If You Only Knew / Why Isn't It You? - Dorothy Dickson & Walter Crisham
Arc de Triomphe - Original Cast
Rose of England / Haven of Your Heart - Edgar Elmes & Olive Gilbert
Sound Clips2010-10-01Audio FileHallmark
Echoes of My Fair Lady
Heavenly Echoes of My Fair Lady - George Feyer
Sound Clips2009-08-14Audio FileHallmark
Where There's a Man - Abbe LaneSound Clips2009-07-26Audio FileHallmark
Roberta - Studio Cast (Al Goodman)Sound Clips2010-01-01Audio FileHallmark
South Pacific - Studio CastSound Clips2009-08-23Audio FileHallmark
Al Goodman Salutes Irving Berlin: An Album For Dancing - Al GoodmanSound Clips2009-12-01Audio FileHallmark
Cinderella - Original London CastSound Clips2011-09-19CDHallmark
Harpo At Work - Harpo MarxSound Clips2011-09-19CDHallmark
Lock Up Your Daughters - Original London CastSound Clips2011-10-17CDHallmark
The Boy Friend - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2011-10-17CDHallmark
Harpo In Hi-Fi - Harpo MarxSound Clips2009-10-01CDHallmark
Gigi - Parris Mitchell Strings & Orchestra with Vocal CastSound Clips2008-07-01Audio FileHallmark
The Sound Of Music - The Parris Mitchell Strings, Orchestra & VoicesSound Clips2008-09-01Audio FileHallmark
The Sound Of Music - The Parris Mitchell Strings, Orchestra & VoicesSound Clips2009-08-15Audio FileHallmark
Paris Holiday - SoundtrackSound Clips2011-10-17CDHallmark
1001 Arabian Nights - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2011-10-17CDHallmark
Bye Bye Birdie - TV Film1999-10-26VHSHallmark
Kismet - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2011-11-14CDHallmark
Julie Is Her Name, Vol. 2 - Julie LondonSound Clips2011-10-17CDHallmark
Latin Ala Lee - Peggy LeeSound Clips2011-04-18CDHallmark
Russ Conway at the Theatre - Russ ConwaySound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Beyond the Fringe - Original London Cast2012-01-01CDHallmark
My Fair Lady - Percy Faith and his OrchestraSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Revisited - Eartha KittSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Stop the World, I Want to Get Off - Original London CastSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Oliver! - Original London CastSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Black Coffee - Peggy LeeSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Music from The Roaring 20's - Dorothy ProvineSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
The Fabulous Shirley Bassey - Shirley BasseySound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Ring-A-Ding Ding! - Frank SinatraSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Marvelous Marv Johnson - Marv JohnsonSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Circulate - Neil SedakaSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Something Old - Something New - The Cliff Adams SingersSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Great Songs From Motion Pictures
Great Songs From Motion Pictures Vol. 2 (1938 - 1944) - Hugo Montenegro
Sound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
I'll Buy You a Star - Johnny MathisSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Broadway's Best - Jo StaffordSound Clips2008-08-01Audio FileHallmark
I Left My Heart in San Francisco - Tony BennettSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
I Like It Swinging - Buddy GrecoSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Gypsy - Tony Scott and his BuddiesSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark
You'll Never Walk Alone - Roy HamiltonSound Clips2008-09-01Hallmark
Love Makes the World Go Round - Jane MorganSound Clips2012-02-20CDHallmark
The Vagabond King / The Student Prince
The Vagabond King - Studio Cast
The Student Prince - Studio Cast
Sound ClipsCDHallmark
The Young Ones - SoundtrackSound Clips2012-02-20CDHallmark
Whatever Julie Wants - Julie LondonSound Clips2012-02-20CDHallmark
Thank Heaven For Girls Girls Girls - Maurice ChevalierSound Clips2012-02-20CDHallmark
Tony - Anthony NewleySound Clips2012-02-20CDHallmark
You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet - Jackie WilsonSound Clips2012-02-20CDHallmark
Do Re Mi - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2012-03-19CDHallmark
Shirley Bassey
Shirley - Shirley Bassey
Sound Clips2012-03-19CDHallmark
This Time I'm Swingin'! - Dean MartinSound Clips2012-03-19CDHallmark
Love Swings - Bobby DarinSound Clips2012-03-19CDHallmark
Sinatra Swings - Frank SinatraSound Clips2012-03-19CDHallmark
If You Go - Peggy LeeSound Clips2012-03-19CDHallmark
Bobby Rydell Salutes The "Great Ones" - Bobby RydellSound Clips2012-03-19CDHallmark
Eydie Gorme's Delight - Eydie GormeSound Clips2009-01-01Audio FileHallmark
Gormé Sings Showstoppers - Eydie GorméSound Clips2008-10-01Audio FileHallmark
Eydie Swings the Blues - Eydie GormeSound Clips2010-05-01Audio FileHallmark
Eydie Gormé Vamps the Roaring 20s - Eydie GorméSound Clips2008-11-01Audio FileHallmark
New Moon - Original SoundtrackSound Clips2011-03-01Audio FileHallmark
Pat Boone Sings Irving Berlin - Pat BooneAudio FileHallmark
The Golden Age of Binnie & Bobby - Binnie Hale & Bobby HowesSound Clips2010-12-01Audio FileHallmark
White Horse Inn - Studio CastSound Clips2011-03-01Audio FileHallmark
The Best of White Horse Inn - Studio Cast
Four from the New Moon - Studio Cast
The Girl Friend - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2010-01-01Audio FileHallmark
An Era Reborn - Helen O'ConnellSound Clips2011-05-01Audio FileHallmark
Blue Hawaii - SoundtrackSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Tom Thumb - Film Soundtrack2012-06-25CDHallmark
Dream With Me - Tommy SandsSound Clips2011-08-01Audio FileHallmark
Bart for Bart's Sake - Lionel BartSound Clips2012-07-16CDHallmark
The Aristocats & Purr-ty Pussycat Songs - Studio CastSound Clips2008-09-01Audio FileHallmark
Everybody Loves the Lover - Sacha DistelSound Clips2012-07-16CDHallmark
Best Of The Musicals, Volume 1 - Starshine Orchestra and Singers19953-CDHallmark
A Commemoration Symphony of Stephen Foster / A Symphonic Story of Jerome Kern - Pittsburgh Symphony OrchestraSound Clips2011-02-01Audio FileHallmark
Dorothy Donegan at the Embers - Dorothy DoneganSound Clips2009-01-01Audio FileHallmark
Songs Of The Bad Old Days - Pearl BaileySound Clips2011-04-11Audio FileHallmark
Ma! He's Making Eyes at Me - Lena ZavaroniSound Clips2012-08-20CDHallmark
Give My Regards to Broadway - Andre PrevinSound Clips2012-08-20CDHallmark
Lena at the Sands - Lena HorneSound Clips2011Audio FileHallmark
South Pacific - Studio CastSound Clips2011-06-01Audio FileHallmark
Music From Award Winning Films - Dean Franconi & His Sound Stage OrchestraSound Clips2009-12-01Audio FileHallmark
Frank Loesser in Hollywood
Guys and Dolls - Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips2010-12-01Audio FileHallmark
Harold Arlen In Hollywood - CompilationSound Clips2010-01-01Audio FileHallmark
Slaughter On Tenth Avenue And Other Hits From The Big Shows
Slaughter On Tenth Avenue And Other Ballet Selections - Arthur Fiedler & the Boston Pops
Everything But The Beer: Arthur Fiedler Conducts a Boston Pops Concert - Arthur Fiedler
Sound Clips2009-01-01Audio FileHallmark
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue and Other Famous Film Scores - Cleveland Pops OrchestraSound Clips2008-12-01Audio FileHallmark
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2012-10-22CDHallmark
The Duke Wore Jeans - SoundtrackSound Clips2008-11-01Audio FileHallmark
The King And I - Gerald Wiggins TrioSound Clips2010-09-01Audio FileHallmark
The King and I - Carmen CavallaroSound Clips2011-08-01Audio FileHallmark
The Unsinkable Jonah Jones Swings The Unsinkable Molly Brown - Jonah Jones QuartetSound Clips2011-08-01Audio FileHallmark
Can-Can - Studio CastSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark
The Maid of the Mountains, The / Last Waltz
The Maid of the Mountains - Original Cast
A Southern Maid - Original London Cast
The Last Waltz - Original London Cast
Sybill - Original London Cast
The Happy Day - Original London Cast
Sound Clips2011-03-01Audio FileHallmark
If My Friends Could See Me Now - Lena ZavaroniSound Clips2012-11-19CDHallmark
Swinging Dors - Diana DorsSound Clips2012-11-19CDHallmark
The Supper Club Revue - Original CastSound Clips2011-06-01Audio FileHallmark
Louisiana Purchase - TV Soundtrack
Louisiana Purchase / The Lord Done Fixed Up My Soul - Carol Bruce
Louisiana Purchase / You Can't Brush Me Off - Hal Kemp and his Orchestra
You're Lonely & I'm Lonely / The Lord Done Fixed Up My Soul - Kate Smith
It'll Come To You / Latins Know How - Anita Boyer with the Leo Reisman Orchestra
Melissa / Dance With Me (Tonight At The Mardi Gras) - Wayne King and his Orchestra
You Can't Brush Me Off / Outside Of That I Love You - Dinah Shore with the Dick Todd Orchestra
Louisiana Purchase - Soundtrack
Sound Clips2011-01-01Audio FileHallmark
Maid of the Mountains, The / Lilac Time
The Maid of the Mountains - Studio Cast
Lilac Time - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2011-03-01Audio FileHallmark
Show Girl - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2011-08-01Audio FileHallmark
Vocal Gems from Lilac Time - Studio CastSound Clips2010-01-01Audio FileHallmark
Broadway Is My Beat - Michel Legrand and his OrchestraSound Clips2013-01-01CDHallmark
Ziegfeld Follies of 1919 - Compilation
A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody / Tulip Time - John Steel
The Hand That Rocked My Cradle Rules My Heart / My Baby's Arms - John Steel
I'm Sorry I Ain't Got It You Could Have It if I Had It Blues / Checkers (It's Your Move Now) - Bert Williams
Sound Clips2011-04-01Audio FileHallmark
Johnnie Ray - Johnnie RaySound Clips2013-01-01CDHallmark
32 Minutes and 17 Seconds - Cliff RichardSound Clips2013-01-01CDHallmark
A Picture of You - Joe BrownSound Clips2013-01-01CDHallmark
Rapture - Johnny MathisSound Clips2013-01-01CDHallmark
Love Letters - Julie London2013-01-01CDHallmark
Andy Williams' Best - Andy WilliamsSound Clips2013-01-01CDHallmark
21 Today - Cliff Richard and the ShadowsSound Clips2012-01-01CDHallmark
Hello Young Lovers - Nancy WilsonSound Clips2013-02-25CDHallmark
Blitz! - Original London Cast2013-02-25CDHallmark
Sinatra Sings Great Songs From Great Britain - Frank Sinatra2013-02-25CDHallmark
All the Way - Brenda Lee2013-02-25CDHallmark
Moon River & Other Great Movie Themes - Andy WilliamsSound Clips2013-02-25CDHallmark
Jackie Wilson at the Copa - Jackie WilsonSound Clips2013-02-25CDHallmark
Diana - Paul AnkaSound Clips2013-02-25CDHallmark
Let's Get Together With Hayley Mills - Hayley MillsSound Clips2013-02-25CDHallmark
Our Miss Gibbs & The Quaker Girl - CompilationSound Clips2008-10-01Audio FileHallmark
I'll Try Something New - The MiraclesSound Clips2013-02-25CDHallmark
The Tender, the Moving, the Swinging Aretha Franklin - Aretha FranklinSound Clips2013-02-25CDHallmark
Strings! Staged For Stereo! - Norrie Paramor & his OrchestraSound Clips2013-02-25CDHallmark
The Electrifying Aretha Franklin - Aretha FranklinSound Clips2013-01-01CDHallmark
Cindy-Ella - Original London CastSound Clips2013-01-01Audio FileHallmark
Billy Barnes' L.A. - Los Angeles CastSound Clips2013-01-01Audio FileHallmark
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - Original Broadway Cast2013-03-25CDHallmark
The Stripper - David Rose OrchestraSound Clips2013-03-25CDHallmark
Mardi Gras - Original London CastSound Clips2010-01-01Audio FileHallmark
My Fair Lady - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2013-04-15CDHallmark
Portrait in Jazz - Bill Evans TrioSound Clips2013-04-15CDHallmark
Tap Dance Rhythms - Johnny MaddoxSound Clips2013-04-15CDHallmark
Mrs. Patterson - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2010-01-01Audio FileHallmark
The Music Man - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2013-05-20CDHallmark
Guys and Dolls - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2013-05-20CDHallmark
Jack Buchanan - On Stage
Toni - Original Cast
That's A Good Girl - Original London Cast
Toni Selection - Mayfair Orchestra
Sound Clips2008-05-01Audio FileHallmark
West Side Story - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2013-06-17CDHallmark
Anything Goes - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2013-06-17CDHallmark
Brubeck Time - The Dave Brubeck QuartetSound Clips2013-06-17CDHallmark
At the Waldorf Astoria - Lena HorneSound Clips2013-07-22CDHallmark
Chet Baker Sings - Chet BakerSound Clips2013-07-22CDHallmark
Girls! Girls! Girls! - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2013-07-22CDHallmark
Bernstein Plays Brubeck Plays Bernstein - Concert CastSound Clips2013-07-22CDHallmark
Aretha: With The Ray Bryant Combo - Aretha FranklinSound Clips2013-07-22CDHallmark
The Piano Artistry of Jonathan Edwards - Jo Stafford and Paul WestonSound Clips2013-07-22CDHallmark
Close-Up in Swing - Erroll GarnerSound Clips2013-07-22CDHallmark
The Best of Cab Calloway - Cab CallowaySound Clips2013-07-22CDHallmark
Ray Anthony Plays For Dream Dancing - Ray Anthony and his OrchestraSound Clips2013-08-26CDHallmark
It's the Talk of the Town - The Ray Conniff SingersSound Clips2013-08-26CDHallmark
Etta James Sings for Lovers - Etta JamesSound Clips2013-08-26CDHallmark
Les Baxter's Broadway '61 - InstrumentalSound Clips2011-10-01Audio FileHallmark
South Pacific - Les Baxter and His OrchestraSound Clips2009-01-01Audio FileHallmark
Peter Pan - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2013-09-23CDHallmark
Cindy-Ella - Original London CastSound Clips2013-09-23CDHallmark
Clap Hands! Here Comes Rosie! - Rosemary ClooneySound Clips2011-01-01Audio FileHallmark
I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues - Eileen Farrell1960Audio FileHallmark
Twangy Guitar, Silky Strings - Duane EddySound Clips2013-10-08CDHallmark
Richard Rodgers Hits - Ted Heath And His MusicSound Clips2010-12-01Audio FileHallmark
The Elgart Touch - Les Elgart1955Audio FileHallmark
In Other Words - Petula ClarkSound Clips2014-01-20CDHallmark
Kenton with Voices - Stan Kenton, Introducing The Modern Men And Featuring Ann RichardsSound Clips2008-10-01Audio FileHallmark
Have Organ, Will Swing - Buddy ColeSound Clips2009-03-03Audio FileHallmark
Once Upon A Time - Johnny DesmondSound Clips2009-12-01Audio FileHallmark
Hot and Cole - Buddy ColeSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark
Rodgers And Hammerstein Ala Dixie - Pee Wee HuntSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark
Meet Cleo Laine - Cleo LaineSound Clips2014-03-17CDHallmark
Let's Make Love - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2014-03-17CDHallmark
Palisades Park - Freddy CannonSound Clips2014-03-17CDHallmark
Out-a Space: The Spotnicks in London - The SpotnicksSound Clips2014-03-17CDHallmark
Swing Softly With Me - Steve LawrenceSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark
Yesterday! - Maurice ChevalierSound Clips2010-05-01Audio FileHallmark
Come Swing With Me! - Frank SinatraSound Clips2014-04-14CDHallmark
Barbara Cartland's Favourite Love Songs
Barbara Cartland's Album of Love Songs - Barbara Cartland
Revue 1930-1940 - CompilationSound Clips2011-07-01Audio FileHallmark
Revue 1919-1929 - CompilationSound Clips2008-08-01Audio FileHallmark
Sings for Soulful Lovers - Ben E. KingSound Clips2014-06-09CDHallmark
This Here is Bobby Timmons - Bobby TimmonsSound Clips2014-06-09CDHallmark
An English Interpretation of My Fair Lady - Studio CastSound Clips2009-05-22Audio FileHallmark
The Eddy Duchin Story - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2009-08-25Audio FileHallmark
Warm and Willing - Andy WilliamsSound Clips2014-07-14CDHallmark
Outward Bound - Eric Dolphy Quintet2014-09-22CDHallmark
Chet is Back! - Chet Baker2014-09-22CDHallmark
Moon Beams - The Bill Evans Trio2014-09-22CDHallmark
The Best of June Christy - June ChristySound Clips2014-11-17CDHallmark
Mike - Michael HollidaySound Clips2014-11-17CDHallmark
What Now My Love? - Jane MorganSound Clips2014-11-17CDHallmark
Love is the Same Anywhere - Matt MonroSound Clips2015-03-09CDHallmark
Arthur Prysock Sings Only for You - Arthur Prysock2015-03-09CDHallmark
Don't Go to Strangers - Etta JonesSound Clips2015-04-13CDHallmark
At the Village Gate - Nina SimoneSound Clips2015-05-18CDHallmark
Late Date with Ruth Brown - Ruth BrownSound Clips2015-05-18CDHallmark
Positively the Most! - Joanie SommersSound Clips2015-05-18CDHallmark
Hypnotique - Martin Denny2015-05-18CDHallmark
East Coast Jazz - Urbie GreenSound Clips2015-05-18CDHallmark
Exotic Strings - The Percy Faith StringsSound Clips2015-06-15CDHallmark
There Goes That Song Again - Brook BentonSound Clips2015-06-15CDHallmark
Temptation - The Johnny Keating Orchestra and Singers2015-06-15CDHallmark
When I Fall in Love - Joni JamesSound Clips2011-10-01Audio FileHallmark
With Love From Hollywood - Shirley Jones & Jack Cassidy2015-08-21CDHallmark
Moon River - Danny Williams2015-08-21CDHallmark
Presenting Ken Dodd - Ken DoddSound Clips2015-09-25CDHallmark
Nancy Wilson / Cannonball Adderley - Nancy Wilson & Cannonball AdderleySound Clips2015-09-25CDHallmark
Sings "Never on Sunday" - Connie FrancisSound Clips2012-03-27CDHallmark
Who's Sorry Now - Connie FrancisSound Clips2011-09-27CDHallmark
Can-Can - Studio CastSound Clips2010-08-01Audio FileHallmark
What's New? - Sonny RollinsSound Clips2015-11-20CDHallmark
The Vamp of the Roaring 20's - Dorothy ProvineSound Clips2015-11-20CDHallmark
A Combination Of Cribbins - Bernard CribbinsSound Clips2015-11-20CDHallmark
The Merry Widow - Studio Cast2010-12-01Audio FileHallmark
In My Little Corner of the World - Anita Bryant2016-03-18CDHallmark
Ella Swings Gently with Nelson - Ella FitzgeraldSound Clips2016-03-18CDHallmark
Shuffle Along - Original Cast Members2011-07-01CDHallmark
Wet Toe In A Hot Socket - Phyllis DillerSound Clips2016-04-29CDHallmark
Das Land Des Lächelns - Studio CastSound Clips2010-12-01Audio FileHallmark
Empathy - Shelly Manne and Bill Evans with Monty Budwig2016-06-24CDHallmark
Camelot - Percy Faith2016-06-24CDHallmark
Great Songs From The Musicals: 30s & 40s - CompilationSound Clips1995-01-01CDHallmark
Musicals With A Message - CompilationSound Clips2008-09-01CDHallmark
West Side Story - Oscar Peterson Trio2016-08-19CDHallmark
Kaleidoscope - Sonny Stitt2016-08-19CDHallmark
Something Wonderful - Nancy Wilson2016-09-30CDHallmark
Ahh! Monica! - Monica ZetterlundSound Clips2016-12-09CDHallmark
Starlight, Starbright - Linda Scott2017-02-17CDHallmark
My Kind of Blues - Sam Cooke2017-02-17CDHallmark
Face To Face - Baby Face Willette2017-02-17CDHallmark
The Divine One - Sarah Vaughan2017-02-17CDHallmark
Both Sides Of An Evening - The Everly Brothers2017-04-21CDHallmark
Further Definitions - Benny Carter and his Orchestra2017-04-21CDHallmark
We Are The Imperials - The Imperials featuring Little Anthony2017-04-21CDHallmark
Porgy and Bess - Miles Davis2017-06-23CDHallmark
Dancing In Wonderland - Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra2017-06-23CDHallmark
Jamal At The Pershing Volume Two - Ahmad Jamal Trio2017-06-23CDHallmark
And Then Came Adam - Adam Wade2017-08-11CDHallmark
Do You Wanna Dance? - Bobby Freeman2017-08-11CDHallmark
Like I Do - Maureen Evans2017-09-15CDHallmark
Everybody Loves H. B. Barnum... That Is! - H.B. Barnum2017-09-15CDHallmark
Movin' Along - Wes Montgomery2017-09-15CDHallmark
Tony Sings For Two - Tony BennettSound Clips2018-04-27CDHallmark
Swingin' the Loop - Vito PriceSound Clips2018-04-27CDHallmark
Emotions - Brenda LeeSound Clips2018-04-27CDHallmark
Maggie's Back In Town!! - Howard McGheeSound Clips2018-04-27CDHallmark
Dorothy Ashby - Dorothy AshbySound Clips2018-04-27CDHallmark
Drinking Again - Dinah WashingtonSound Clips2018-04-27CDHallmark
Judy at Carnegie Hall - Judy GarlandSound Clips2018-07-132-CDHallmark
Plays The Theme From Beyond The Fringe & All That Jazz - Dudley MooreSound Clips2018-07-13CDHallmark
How My Heart Sings! - Bill Evans TrioSound Clips2018-07-13CDHallmark
The Wes Montgomery Trio - The Wes Montgomery TrioSound Clips2018-07-13CDHallmark
A Touch Of Velvet - Jim ReevesSound Clips2018-09-14CDHallmark
Gigi - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2018-11-23CDHallmark
Chet - Chet BakerSound Clips2018-11-23CDHallmark
Focus - Stan Getz and Eddie SauterSound Clips2018-11-23CDHallmark
Walkin' - Miles Davis All StarsSound Clips2018-11-23CDHallmark
The Sound Of Music - The Trapp Family SingersSound Clips2018-11-23CDHallmark
The Musical World of Jerome Kern - Cyril Orandel and The Starlight SymphonySound Clips2011Audio FileHallmark
Anthology - Doris DaySound Clips2019-09-20CDHallmark
Ella Swings Brightly With Nelson - Ella FitzgeraldSound Clips2019-09-20CDHallmark
Take... The Greatest Hits - Dave BrubeckSound Clips2019-09-27CDHallmark
Duet - Doris DaySound Clips2019-09-20CDHallmark
Funny Face - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2008-06-17CDHallmark 106972
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy - The VenturesSound Clips2014-10-27CDHallmark 1083330
Us Three - Horace Parlan, George Tucker, & Al Harewood2014-10-27CDHallmark 1083337
The Late, Late Show - Dakota Staton2014-07-14CDHallmark 1115057
Ride on a Rainbow
Heavenly - Johnny Mathis
Sound Clips2011-09-19CDHallmark 1204354
Spotlight On Andrew Lloyd Webber - CompilationSound ClipsCDHallmark 300002
All-Time Greats: The Great Stars Sing The Great Songs - Various ArtistsSound Clips1995CDHallmark 300462
Best From Broadway - London Theatre OrchestraSound Clips1995CDHallmark 300492
Love At The Musicals - West End Orchestra & Singers1996CDHallmark 300962
Melody Showtime, Vol. 1 - London Theatre Orchestra1996CDHallmark 303322
Melody Showtime, Vol. 2 - London Theatre Orchestra1996CDHallmark 303332
Oklahoma! - Studio CastSound ClipsCDHallmark 3036200502
Grease - Studio Cast1996CDHallmark 303952
Hello, Dolly! - Studio Cast (Rita Williams)
Fiddler on the Roof - Studio Cast
Sound Clips1996CDHallmark 304242
Godspell - Studio Cast
Hair - Studio Cast
Sound Clips1996CDHallmark 304252
Melody Showtime Volume 3 - London Theatre Orchestra1996CDHallmark 304262
Melody Showtime, Vol. 4 - London Theatre Orchestra1996CDHallmark 304272
Song And Dance Man - Fred AstaireSound Clips1996CDHallmark 305512
The Sound Of Musicals - Zack Laurence1999-09-23CDHallmark 305812
Leaning On A Lampost - CompilationSound Clips1999-08-10CDHallmark 30637
Richard Rodgers: The Sound Of His Music - London Theatre Orchestra1999-09-23CDHallmark 307182
Curtain Up! - Various ArtistsSound Clips1997CDHallmark 307752
Fool Britannia - Studio Cast2004CDHallmark 307832
Love Songs From The Shows - CompilationSound ClipsCDHallmark 308462
Tea for Two
Love, Julie - Julie Andrews
Sound Clips1999-09-27CDHallmark 309522
Evita - British Studio Cast
Jesus Christ Superstar - Studio Cast
1999CDHallmark 311162
Hollywood Years: Classic Duets - CompilationSound Clips2005-07-19CDHallmark 312282
Great Songs From Great Musicals: 50s & 60s - VariousSound Clips2-CDHallmark 330092
Songs From The Shows Of Andrew Lloyd Webber - Various Artists19992-CDHallmark 330632
Grantstand - Grant GreenSound Clips2015-04-13CDHallmark 5016596
I Love To Sing - Alma Cogan2016-08-19CDHallmark 5062312
Beatin', Bangin' & Scratchin' - Danny KayeSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark 5705152
Brigadoon - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2007-08-07CDHallmark 5705422
The Best of Danny Kaye - Danny KayeSound Clips2010-03-22CDHallmark 5707052
His Greatest Hits - Eddie FisherSound Clips2010-03-22CDHallmark 5707072
The Student Prince & The Great Caruso
The Student Prince - Studio Cast (Mario Lanza)
The Great Caruso - Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips2010-03-22CDHallmark 5707122
More Little Miss Wonderful - Shirley TempleSound Clips2009-07-14CDHallmark 5707342
Stormy Weather - Cleo LaineSound Clips2009-09-15CDHallmark 5707402
Cabaret - Studio CastSound Clips2009-11-10CDHallmark 5707672
Leading Ladies - CompilationSound Clips2009-10-20CDHallmark 5707782
Evita - London Studio Cast (Marti Webb)Sound Clips2010-02-22CDHallmark 5707802
The Andrew Lloyd Webber Songbook - ComplilationSound Clips2010-02-22CDHallmark 5707812
Cliff Adams Presents Sing Something Simple From The Shows
Something Simple From The Musicals - The Cliff Adams Singers
Sound Clips2010-02-22CDHallmark 5707982
The Bewitching Miss Bassey - Shirley BasseySound Clips2010-05-24CDHallmark 5709182
Surprise Package - The Crew Cuts2010-06-14CDHallmark 5709372
Secret Songs For Young Lovers - André Previn & David RoseSound Clips2010-07-12CDHallmark 5709472
South Pacific - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2010-07-12CDHallmark 5709532
The Most Happy Fella - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2011-03-14CDHallmark 5710022
Flower Drum Song - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2011-03-14CDHallmark 5710102
Can-Can - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2011-03-14CDHallmark 5710142
At the Drop of a Hat - Original London Cast2011-04-18CDHallmark 5710192
Love Is a Now & Then Thing - Anthony NewleySound Clips2011-04-18CDHallmark 5710312
Hans Christian Andersen - Studio Cast
The Five Pennies - Soundtrack
Danny Kaye On Song - Danny Kaye
Sound Clips2010-10-183-CDHallmark 5730672
Jane Russell - Jane RussellSound Clips2005-11-21CDHallmark 700082
Bing Crosby & Friends: The Radio Years - Bing CrosbySound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark 700292
George Gershwin & Cole Porter: The Great Melodies - CompilationSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark 700422
George Gershwin & Cole Porter: The Great Melodies - CompilationSound Clips2002CDHallmark 700422
Porgy and Bess: Performed by a Galaxy of Jazz Legends
Porgy and Bess - Studio Cast (Mel Torme and Francis Faye)
Sound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark 700902
Blood Brothers - Studio Cast2006-12-19CDHallmark 703-162
Chicago - Studio CastSound Clips2002CDHallmark 70342
Cabaret - London Theatre Orchestra & CastSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark 703422
Chess - Studio CastSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark 703442
Fame - Studio CastSound Clips2002-09-02CDHallmark 703452
Les Misérables - Studio CastSound Clips2003-03-31CDHallmark 703472
Blood Brothers - Studio Cast2002CDHallmark 703512
Grease - London Theatre Orchestra & CastSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark 703522
The Lion King - Studio CastSound Clips2002-09-16CDHallmark 703552
Hair - Studio Cast2006-12-19CDHallmark 703572
Saturday Night Fever - Studio CastSound Clips2002CDHallmark 703592
Return to the Forbidden Planet - Studio CastSound Clips2002CDHallmark 70360
Underneath The Arches: Flanagan & Allen - Flanagan & AllenSound Clips2002CDHallmark 703642
Oliver! - London Theatre Orchestra & Cast2002-10-28CDHallmark 70399
The Wizard Of Oz - Studio Cast2006-12-19CDHallmark 704652
A Chorus Line - London Theatre Orchestra & Cast2006-12-19CDHallmark 704692
Tommy - Studio Cast2003-07-07CDHallmark 704752
Hans Christian Andersen - Studio CastSound Clips2004-07-12CDHallmark 705162
There's No Business Like Show Business - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2007-08-07CDHallmark 706572
Calamity Jane - London Studio CastSound Clips2009-11-10CDHallmark 707692
The Desert Song - Studio Cast (MacRae)Sound Clips2010-04-29CDHallmark 707902
More Of Tom Lehrer - Tom LehrerSound Clips2010-04-19CDHallmark 707932
An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer - Tom LehrerSound Clips2010-09-20CDHallmark 709652
Down Drury Lane To Memory Lane - 101 StringsSound Clips2011-02-14CDHallmark 709832
At the Copa - Connie FrancisSound Clips2012-01-24CDHallmark 710892
Broadway's Fair Julie Andrews - Julie AndrewsSound Clips2012-02-20CDHallmark 711502
Spike Jones In Hi-Fi - Spike JonesSound Clips2018-07-13CDHallmark 717382
A Festival Of Strauss - The Vienna 'Pops' OrchestraLPHallmark A 1036
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Studio Cast1969LPHallmark CHM 644
A Little Bit In Love
Broadway's Fair Julie Andrews - Julie Andrews
Don't Go In The Lion's Cage Tonight - Julie Andrews
1970LPHallmark CHM 687
Paint Your Wagon - Studio Cast1970LPHallmark CHM-672
Hello, Dolly! - Studio Cast (Rita Williams)1965LPHallmark CHM658
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Studio CastLPHallmark CHN644
A Trip Back to Broadway - Wayne Gratz1999CDHallmark EDM4020
The Name's Haymes! - Dick Haymes1958LPHallmark HLP-301
Flower Drum Song - Studio CastLPHallmark HLP-325-S
The Best Of Danny Kaye
Columbia Presents Danny Kaye - Danny Kaye
1967LPHallmark HM 519
The Two Moods Of Winifred Atwell - Winifred AtwellSound ClipsLPHallmark HM 527
Carousel - TV Cast1967LPHallmark HM501
Oklahoma! - Studio CastLPHallmark HM505
Girl From Ipanema
Feelin' Good - Lena Horne
LPHallmark HM561
Finian's Rainbow - Bugs Bower ChorusLPHallmark HM606
The Jungle Book - Studio Cast1969LPHallmark HMA 226
The Love Album - Lena MartellLPHallmark HMA 263
Pal Joey - Don Elliott Quartet1957LPHallmark LPH 159B
Bells Are Ringing - Sammy KayeSound Clips2008-09-01Audio FileHallmark N/A
My Fair Lady For Dancing - Sammy KayeSound Clips2008-07-01Audio FileHallmark N/A
Four from No, No, Nanette - Studio Cast
Four from Showboat - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2008-11-01Audio FileHallmark None
The King and I - Studio CastSound Clips2008-07-01Audio FileHallmark None
Finian's Rainbow - Bugs Bower ChorusSound Clips2008-09-01Audio FileHallmark None
West Side Story - Russ Case and His Broadway Theatre OrchestraSound Clips2008-08-01Audio FileHallmark None
West Side Story - Russ Case and His Broadway Theatre OrchestraSound ClipsAudio FileHallmark None
West Side Story - Studio Cast2002CDHallmark OP0007
Feelings - Lena Martell1980LPHallmark SHM 3056
Irving Berlin Centenary: A Celebration - The Silver Screen OrchestraLPHallmark SHM 3233
The Very Thought Of You - LiberaceLPHallmark SHM 674
Hair - Studio Cast1970LPHallmark SHM 683
A Festival Of Strauss - The Vienna 'Pops' OrchestraLPHallmark SHM 712
The Sound Of Music - The Parris Mitchell Strings, Orchestra & VoicesLPHallmark SHM 714
Jesus Christ Superstar - Studio Cast1971LPHallmark SHM 731
Godspell - Studio Cast1972LPHallmark SHM 768
Songs from the Jungle Book and Other Jungle Favourites
The Jungle Book - Studio Cast
1974LPHallmark SHM 831
People - Barbra Streisand1966LPHallmark SHM 871
The Disney Album - Barbara Cook1987LPHallmark SHM3248
Fiddler on the Roof - Studio Cast1967LPHallmark SHM762
Jesus Christ Superstar - Studio CastLPHallmark TT-5079
Hollywood Favourites In Concert
Hollywood Classics - Xalapa Symphony Orchestra
1995CDHallmark Classics 350302
Mrs. Santa Claus - TV FilmSound Clips2005-09-13DVDHallmark Home Entertainment 14441
The Stars Salute Rodgers and Hart - VariousSound Clips1996-10-21CDHallmark Music
What Every Girl Should Know - Doris DaySound Clips1991-02-01CDHallmark Music
Me and My Girl - London Studio CastSound Clips1998-11-16CDHallmark Music PWKS 4143
La Cage Aux Folles - London Theatre Orchestra and CastSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark Music & Entertainment
Music and Songs from Fiddler on the Roof - Studio CastCDHallmark Music & Entertainment 142
Love At The Musicals - Various Artists1999CDHallmark Music & Entertainment 311652
Fiddler on the Roof - London Theatre Orchestra & Cast2003-03-31CDHallmark Music & Entertainment 703542
The Cretaceous Cabaret - DemoCDHallmark Music Co.
Irving Berlin & Jerome Kern: The Great Melodies - CompilationCDHallmark Records 300612
Plays Melodies From The Movies - Bobby Crush1995CDHallmark Records 309552
Over the Rainbow - Vic Damone2008-01-13CDHallmark Records 312102
Doctor Dolittle - Studio CastLPHallmark Records A 1016
Oklahoma! - Studio CastSound Clips2009-11-10CDHallmark UK
Lovin' Spree - Eartha KittSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark UK 5702872
Pet Sounds, Volume 2 - Petula ClarkSound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark UK 5705932
Mixed Emotions - Rosemary ClooneySound Clips2006-12-19CDHallmark UK 5705952
Julie Is Her Name & Lonely Girl
Julie Is Her Name - Julie London
Lonely Girl - Julie London
Sound Clips2007-08-07CDHallmark UK 5706452
High Society - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2007-08-07CDPickwick / Hallmark 706542
Swinging Up Broadway
Marx Makes Broadway - Dick Marx Plus Six
Sound ClipsLPRealistic Hallmark HSP-9