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リトルマーメイド - Original Japanese CastSound Clips2013-08-14CDAVEX
StarS - StarSSound Clips2013-05-08CDAvex
Disney on Classic: A Magical Night 2008 - Various Artists2009-06-142-CDAVEX AVCW 12708~9
Disney on Classic: A Magical Night 2012 - Various Artists2012-11-282-CDAvex AVCW 12932~3
ノートルダムの鐘 - Japanese Soundtrack2000-10-12CDAvex AVCW-12170
Yoshio Inoue meets Disney: Proud of Your Boy - Yoshio Inoue2014-12-17CD, DVDAVEX AVCW-63053
Out Tonight - TsukasaSound Clips2002CD SingleAvex VECD-89134
Aladdin and the King of Thieves - Japanese Soundtrack1999-09-15CDAvex Inc. AVCW-12013
Beauty and The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas - Japanese Soundtrack1999-11-10CDAvex Inc. AVCW-12045
アラジン - Japanese Soundtrack2000-08-09CDAvex Inc. AVCW-12138
The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea - Japanese Soundtrack2000-08-23CDAvex Inc. AVCW-12140
リトルマーメイド - Japanese Soundtrack2000-08-09CDAvex Inc. AVCW-12141
美女と野獣 - Japanese Soundtrack2000-08-09CDAvex Inc. AVCW-12142
ヘラクレス - Japanese Soundtrack2000-10-12CDAvex Inc. AVCW-12160
ポカホンタス - Japanese Soundtrack2000-10-12CDAvex Inc. AVCW-12168
Brother Bear - Japanese Soundtrack2004-03-03CDAvex Inc. AVCW-12369
Disney on Classic: A Magical Night 2011 - Various Artists2012-01-112-CDAvex Japan AVCW-12873~4
ターザン - Japanese Soundtrack1999-12-08CDAvex Japan AVCW12064
The Lion King - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2006-02-06CDAvex Japan / Walt Disney Records / EMI 0946 353216 2 3
リトルマーメイド - Japanese Soundtrack2006-10-04CDAvex Marketing Communications Inc. AVCW 12520
- 2005-12-14CDAvex Marketing Communications Inc. AVCW-12471
May J. Sings Disney (English Version) - May J.Sound Clips2015-11-04Audio FileAvex Music Creative
May J. Sings Disney (Japanese Version) - May J.Sound Clips2015-11-04Audio FileAvex Music Creative
Wonderland - Kenji UraiSound Clips2016-08-03CD, DVD-Audioavex trax ACVD 93455
Disney on Classic: A Magical Night 2005 - Various Artists2006-10-162-CDAvex Trax AVCW 12525~6
Disney on Classic: A Magical Night 2006 - Various Artists2007-10-152-CDAvex Trax AVCW 12612~3
Disney on Classic: A Magical Night 2009 - Various Artists2010-02-092-CDAvex Trax Japan AVCW 12763~4
ティガー・ムービー プーさんの贈りもの - Japanese SoundtrackSound Clips2000-07-05CDAvex Trax Japan AVCW-12136
美女と野獣 [Special Edition]
美女と野獣 - Japanese Soundtrack
2002CDAvex Trax Japan AVCW-12252
Disney on Classic: A Magical Night 2007 - Various Artists2008-10-082-CDAvex Trax Japan AVCW-12688-9
Disney on Classic: A Magical Night 2010 - Various Artists2011-02-082-CDAvex Trax Japan AVCW-12812~3
地下鐵 - Original Taiwan Cast2004-03-022-CDAVEXTRAX SEP20055
Disney on Classic: A Magical Night 2016 - Various ArtistsSound Clips2016-11-18CDWalt Disney Records / Avex AVCW 63164
Takarazuka plays Disney - Takarazuka RevueSound Clips2012-11-28CDWalt Disney Records / Avex AVCW-12938
ムーラン - Japanese Soundtrack2000-10-12CDWalt Disney Records / Avex Inc. AVCW-12157
Frozen - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2014-03-12CDWalt Disney Records / Avex Japan
アラジン - Original Tokyo Cast2015-07-22CDWalt Disney Records / Avex Japan
塔の上のラプンツェル - Japanese SoundtrackSound Clips2011CDWalt Disney Records / AVEX Japan AVCW 12820
Cinderella - Film Soundtrack2005CDWalt Disney Records / Avex Japan AVCW-12464 (AVCX-12464)
The Bells of Notre Dame
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips2002-10-11CDWalt Disney Records / Avex Japan AVCW12169
Pocahontas - Film Soundtrack2000-10-12CDWalt Disney Records / Avex Japan AVCW1217
The Best Of Pocahontas: Song Collection From Pocahontas I & II
Pocahontas - Film Soundtrack
Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World - Film Soundtrack
2000CDWalt Disney Records / Avex Taiwan AVDCD70027S