The Pink Files

bassvibes wrote on July 8, 2018

I've just joined My family has been involved in musical theatre on both a professional and amateur basis for generations and I am a collector of cast albums, (and almost any other type of recorded music! smile ).

Regarding 'The Pink Files', some of the vocals that you hear on the Original Cast CD were recorded live on stage while others were recorded in a 'pop-up' studio situation, in The Chapel, attached to Theatre 62, shortly before opening night. (The info on this site says the CD is a studio recording. The 'live' tracks have the audience applause edited out).

Vocals recorded live on stage included 'No Need to Be Alone', which is hidden attached to 'Beat Ballet', and 'Secret World'. I'm not sure whether the vocals for the other solos or duets were recorded live or in the studio.

The chorus parts for the opening and closing numbers, plus other songs that have a strong chorus presence, were recorded in the pop-up studio as well as in a previous studio location. The chorus parts involve a mix of professional and amateur singers,while the lead parts were sung mainly by amateur vocalists, some with previous stage experience and some without.

'The Pink Files' is a stirring performance that tells a gripping story, based on historical fact, if you care to listen to the musical right through.

This musical had one season only as attempts to secure funding to tour the show nationally were not successful.

This CD had a very limited release.

I have no idea how this site works, so hope that this post is relevant.

IanGUK wrote on July 8, 2018

Hi Welcome - you need to post this on the actual recording's page. Ian

bassvibes wrote on July 8, 2018

Thanks for the advice,, Ian.

hitormiss wrote on July 14, 2018

Thanks for sharing this background info! Tagging the recording so it shows up as a link on that page: The Pink Files [2002 Australian Cast]

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