The Unsinkable Molly Brown - 1961 Studio Cast

GlobalMusicals wrote on August 17, 2008

Can someone provide more detail on this? I have a studio version (MP3 only, of course!) that is done by one of those sugary-sweet "Up with People" type of choruses that I cannot identify. The tracks are:

1. Overture 2. Dolce Far Niente 3. I Ain't Down Yet 4. If I Knew 5. Are You Sure? 6. Chick-A-Pen 7. Keep A Hoppin' 8. I'll Never Say No 9. Belly Up To The Bar Boys 10. I've Already Started In 11. Finale

Some tracks are instrumental. There are male and female lead voices. Don't know if they are Bernie and Sandy. Any ideas?

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