The Musicality of Sondheim - 2002 Studio Cast

dlh wrote on November 28, 2020

Tracks for this compilation have newly been indexed based on best guesses of the projects with which they were originally associated. But are all of the sources correct? Was "Honey" recorded in 1993 or was it actually a reunion of the Leicester cast specially for the Musicality compilation?

FirstObserver wrote on January 12, 2021

When that Merrily recording was announced, it was reported that it was going to be two discs and would include the cut songs. I may be wrong, but I have assumed that "Honey" was recorded at that time, and I guess the orchestrations weren't available. Of course, onstage it was performed with "Not a Day Goes By" in the middle, which we don't hear on The Musicality of Sondheim.

Of course, the Leicester Haymarket cast recording of Merrily was eventually reissued on two discs after having first been issued on one CD with a timing of 74 minutes and change. In typical TER/JAY fashion, the later two-disc issue did not include the cut songs, and the additional material included was pretty negligible.

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