Sondheim at 80 - 2010 Concert Cast

RCKtrades wrote on April 24, 2010

Why is this marked for deletion?? There are many other (BBC) broadcasts in this database. For example the very similar Sondheim Spectacular. I'd say all professionally recorded events should be welcome in this database - whether or not it ends up in the record stores.

hitormiss wrote on April 25, 2010

According to the date, the event hasn't even happened yet. It could end up not happening, or having a change of cast, etc. Recordings should not be added to the database until *after* they have been made.

RCKtrades wrote on April 25, 2010

ok, gotcha.

IanGUK wrote on August 20, 2010

Do we have a release date for the official DVD (and *hopes* Bluray) ?

RCKtrades wrote on January 17, 2011

Can anyone enter the correct order of songs? Thanks.

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