Once in a Lifetime (一期一會) - 2007 Original Hong Kong Cast

Sammas wrote on August 6, 2007

Although the show itself is quite a success, there is actually no formal original cast recording in "Once in a Lifetime". Strictly speaking, this is a jukebox musical which feature songs sung by Danny Chan, a star in HK some 20-30 yrs ago. In the musical, his songs are thoroughly reorchestrated with a theatrical touch and happened to convey the idea of the play more efficiently. Chet Lam, who served as the orchestrator, music director and lead actor has done a superb job on the first two, while his acting gained mixed reviews. This CD, come with MVs and complete lyrics, is excellently recorded. The only flaw of this is that the songs are not actually sung by the original cast members. One note to add, there is only one original song in this CD, that is track 8, translated as "Sakura Formula". It is a tribute to Danny Chan's song, yet not really the best among the creation of Chet Lam, nor the best track in the CD.

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