Les Misérables - 2003 Original Berlin Cast

enekosondheim wrote on April 17, 2008

is this an audio CD or a DVD video?

musicalmania wrote on April 17, 2008

It's an audio CD

laeintsch wrote on May 1, 2008

i believe it was recorded in 2003, not 2000.

Moncure wrote on April 21, 2012

Can someone tell me who is singing what on this recording? Thanks.

lujasr wrote on August 23, 2012

Does this CD really exist, released & sold? Does anyone have it?

Ben250 wrote on August 24, 2012

I think it was planned - but never released or sold. I've never seen an actual copy, or a picture of a cover or disc. The only CD I have seen was a giveaway from the Berlin premiere but that has four tracks from the Duisburg recording.

patrickbraeu wrote on July 20, 2019

LES MISERABLES -Castalbum • Berlin-

01 | Ich hab geträumt vor langer Zeit [Ann Christin Elverum] 02 | Herr im Haus [Ulrich Wiggers & Heike Wiltrud Schmitz & Ensemble] 03 | Sterne [Uwe Kröger] 04 | Das Lied des Volkes [Martin Pasching & Tim Reichwein & Seth Lerner & Marcus Hezel & Ensemble] 05 | Mein Herz ruft nach dir [Lucius Wolter & Valerie Link & Vera Bolten] 06 | Morgen schon [Olegg Vynnyk & Lucius Wolter & Valerie Link & Vera Bolten & Martin Pasching & Uwe Kröger & Ulrich Wiggers & Heike Wiltrud Schmitz & Ensemble] 07 | Nur für mich [Vera Bolten] 08 | Bring ihn heim [Olegg Vynnyk] 09 | Dunkles Schweigen an den Tischen [Lucius Wolter]


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