La tiendita de los horrores - 1986 Mexican Cast

TheDarkMusical wrote on December 20, 2016

Is there a 15 track version of this recording? Or perhaps another recording of this production?

MusicalesPeru wrote on July 29, 2022

Sorry for the late reply, but the bootleg that I have contains 15 tracks and is called "La Tienda de los Horrores" not "La Tiendita de los Horrores" and has Silvia Pasquel and Manuel Landeta as Audrey and Seymour. The problem with bootlegs that are cut down to imitate cast albums is that different people tend to cut them differently and we end up with two or more "versions".

Archivist wrote on October 31, 2023

Checking with other members to see what they have.

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