La bella y la bestia - 2008 Madrid Cast

shane54 wrote on March 7, 2021

Hi Guys! Where can I buy this CD? Can't find it! Thanks for your help

TXTyler wrote on March 7, 2021

Keep your eye out on eBay. It was only available in Madrid at the Stage Entertainment-owned theatres and maybe when the show later went to Barcelona and on tour. It was also available on their old online shop. All of this is to say is that it’s not the easiest CD to find, but there are definitely thousands of copies out there. Good luck searching!

shane54 wrote on March 8, 2021

Thank you so much! I'll keep an eye on eBay

JoseGer wrote on March 27, 2021

Hi! Keep an eye also on the “Todocoleccion” website. It is mostly Spain-Based, but if you are willing to pay for international shipping, you might find it there from time to time.

shane54 wrote on March 28, 2021

Amazing! Thank you!

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