Gypsy - 1976 South African Cast

Archivist wrote on November 30, 2012

If you look at the back of the LP there are 17 tracks listed. The MP3 version I have does not include: 02) Let Me Entertain You, 09) Dainty June and Her Farmboys, and 13) Toradorables.

Am I missing something (those tracks) or am I missing something (the LP art is wrong)?

JosephNYC wrote on December 4, 2012

There's an MP3 version? Where?? I'd like to buy it.

musicalmania wrote on December 5, 2012

My MP3 copy is also missing those tracks. There were two releases of the LP on Phillips and one on RCA Victor (see covers). It is possible that the RCA release omitte these tracks.

hitormiss wrote on December 9, 2012

Libby Morris recreates 5 of her Gypsy numbers on a 1998 BBC2 Radio Concert CD.

Archivist wrote on December 9, 2012

We probably had the same source, musicalmania! When I got the file it included five "bonus" tracks which I now thing are rips of the BBC disc, which I won but have not had time to compare. Maddening things is I just lost an auction for a real copy of the LP - the one with the tracks I'm missing. Grrr.

Archives wrote on December 10, 2012

Anyone have a physical copy of the red album? Can you scan/post the back cover? Thx!

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