Funny Girl - 1964 Demo Recording

gingerjarvis wrote on July 29, 2008

I have a longer version of this - all these tracks by Bob Merrill

01 If a Girl Isn't Pretty.mp3 02 I'm the Greatest Star.mp3 03 I Did It on Roller Skates.mp3 04 A Temporary Arrangement.mp3 05 His Love Makes Me Beautiful.mp3 06 My Daughter, Fanny the Star.mp3 07 People.mp3 08 He's Got Larceny in His Heart.mp3 09 The Baltimore Sun.mp3 10 The Music That Makes Me Dance.mp3 11 Don't Rain on My Parade.mp3 12 It's Home.mp3 13 Who Are You Now_.mp3 14 He.mp3 15 The Racing Form Lullaby.mp3 16 Do Puppies Go to Heaven_.mp3 17 Finale.mp3

and these also

18 Absent-Minded Me (cut prior to Broadway opening).mp3 - Barbra Streisand 19 Funny Girl (cut prior to Broadway opening).mp3 - Barbra Streisand 20 Locked in a Pink Velvet Jail (cut from film).mp3 - Omar Sharif

HomeSweetHeaven wrote on May 21, 2020

I think that is the composer's demo, the one listed here (on the previous page) is a studio demo.

Archivist wrote on November 4, 2023

Does anyone have the six-track studio demo, either as a digital file or the pressed LP (AR-12763)? Does anyone know who the singers were?

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