Flower Drum Song - 1958 Studio Cast

ashmolean wrote on January 12, 2009

Cely Carillo understudied and later replaced Myoshi Umeki during the original Broadway run.

ashmolean wrote on January 13, 2009

The releases on the Design label are re-issues of the Bell label SBLP-13, with fictitious names being given to the performers. The conductor, "Dean Franconi," also is a pseudonym -- and a prolific one -- used by Al Goodman, Jimmy Carroll and other conductors, mainly on budget label reissues.

davidgideon wrote on December 26, 2009

Actually, the "Dean Franconi" recording has a few differences from the others. Three songs are performed by a different singer: Love Look Away, The Other Generation, and Sunday. The orchestrations are identical (one is in a different key) so they either did those three songs a second time for the Franconi version (probably with Bill Heyer, who is one genuine name among the Franconi pseudonymns) or the accompaniments were recorded separately so Heyer or whoever could just dub his vocals over them. I notice this too with a much-circulated Oklahoma from the same sources: several songs use a different singer depending on which release you get.

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