FREE Download of 'James and the Giant Peach - 2015 Studio Cast'

westendtobroadway wrote on April 22, 2015

Hey everyone,

Just letting the community know that you can download this recording for FREE now at - It's a limited edition FREE download so make sure you go get it before they stop making it available for free.

Big thanks to everyone at JATGP for making this brave move - hopefully more producers follow suit and get there work out there for free, its a great way of promoting a new show.

West End To Broadway

gdavis wrote on April 22, 2015

I downloaded the cast recording today. This is a beautiful, heartwarming musical that needs to go to Broadway.

Stuie wrote on April 22, 2015

Downloaded this CD this morning and what a surprise. This is a totally delightful fully professional cast recording. Music is delightful and it needs to be heard on broadway. AND since there is so much crap on broadway I think this show would absolutely delight. Get this CD before it fades for free its wonderful

tcosupreme wrote on September 27, 2021

This "free download" seems to no longer be available anywhere, even if I wish to pay for it. Anyone have a copy to share? Since it was freely distributed, I think that should be ok?

DanG1991 wrote on October 2, 2021

You have to submit your email address for it somewhere on the page. I tried it again myself fairly recently because I couldn't remember where I had put the files the first time.

DanG1991 wrote on March 10, 2022

It's against policy to trade/gift directly on Plus, people are still able to get the album directly from the website link shared at the beginning of this forum.

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