Der Glöckner Von Notre Dame - 2023 Original Vienna Cast

TXTyler wrote on January 4, 2024

I just noticed that Roy Goldman, instead of Dominik Hees, is credited with singing Phoebus on this recording. Does anyone know the story behind this? The production premiered in October 2022 and was recorded in May 2023. Had Dominik Hees left by this point or was he out at the time they recorded?

MusicalesPeru wrote on January 5, 2024

Roy Goldman was the cover Phoebus. It's possible that Dominik Hees had left or was unavailable for the recording

TXTyler wrote on January 14, 2024

Just did a bit of research. Dominik Hees was out of the production at that point due to cancer treatment. I'm happy to say that he's doing much better according to his social media

Archivist wrote on January 24, 2024

Thanks for the update TXTyler. Please send me a note when you have a moment.

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