Bare - 2013 Los Angeles Soundboard Recording?

MssrDesinvolte wrote on August 21, 2022

So, I'm a huge fan of Bare: A Pop Opera and recently discovered that the 2013 LA production ("Bare: A Rock Musical") was funded via Kickstarter, and one of the rewards listed was a soundboard recording of the show. Here's the link to the Kickstarter page, the soundboard recording is listed as the $150 reward:

However, despite it being listed as a reward for the Kickstarter, and multiple people pledging at that reward tier or higher, I cannot find any information about this soundboard recording online. It doesn't even have a listing on this site. I can only find people talking about the 2000 soundboard recording or the proshot of this production (also distributed via the same Kickstarter), which doesn't have the highest quality audio since it does not appear to have recorded the audio through the soundboard. Does anyone know if this soundboard recording actually exists and, if it does, where I might be able to find more information about it?

musicalesrandom wrote on August 28, 2022

I add for this find!

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