Anyone Can Whistle - 1997 Studio Cast

TXTyler wrote on January 6, 2024

On which track does Sophie Marchant appear as the Old Lady? I can’t seem to find it. My guess is that she has a single line in either “Simple” or “The Cookie Chase” (the longer tracks). Any guesses?

losingmymind wrote on January 7, 2024

The Old Lady has a line of dialogue in "The Cookie Chase": "This doesn't fit. It's much too big. I wear a size eleven, maybe a twelve—"

TXTyler wrote on January 9, 2024

Thank you so much, losingmymind. I truly was losing my mind listening for that line haha!

Archivist wrote on January 24, 2024

This group is a wealth of incredible data. Thank you.

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