Is there room for Opera here?

BroadwayGuy wrote on December 24, 2016

Considering that classical opera is - for all intents and purposes - the musical theatre of it's day... Is there room for opera to be included in the database (not just the obligatory operettas that are already here).

I ask because - perhaps selfishly - I cannot find a database for opera recordings that equals what is here on this outstanding Cast Albums website.

Feel free to shut this down if it's not acceptable... just putting it out there. smile

sdrival wrote on December 24, 2016

I also wish the database would be expanded to include operas or perhaps a sister website, or something like that. There are a few opera and ballet albums here but usually ones in English or that played on Broadway.

Rodolfo wrote on December 26, 2016

From the About the Database page:

"Operas: While some operettas may be included because of their historical importance in the development of musical theatre, operas are generally not included. Exceptions may be made when a recognized musical theatre writer contributes to an opera (ex. Michael Korrie wrote the libretto for the opera Harvey Milk)."

hitormiss wrote on December 27, 2016

While I would love to open up the website up for opera as well, I have a hard enough time keeping up with the submissions as it is... maybe someday in the future if I can streamline the code I could create an offshoot of the website like has for other record formats.

BroadwayGuy wrote on March 3, 2017

Just a shame because I've combed the 'net for an opera recordings database similar to what we have here - which is, I think, the best music database I've ever worked with. Opera definitely deserves it's place but I agree, it's going to be time-consuming.

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