El Golem de Praga (Opera-Klezmer) - 2023 Buenos Aires Original Cast

gastonbriang wrote on December 16, 2023

hello! My name is Gaston, I write from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a great lover of musical theater. I would like you to know my new musical The Golem of Prague. I'm trying to add it to the list but I'm having a lot of trouble wanting to add the cover. "No image" appears and no screen opens where I can add the cover. anyone can help me? If anyone wants a copy I can send you a link!. thanks!

Archivist wrote on December 21, 2023

Welcome, Gaston! Thank you for wanting to contribute to the database. There are three main steps to adding a new work.

- First, add the the show and its authors, the show's premiere, and provenance. - Second, add a recording of the show and its details, like cast and creative team. - Third, add a release of that recording with label, format, and images.

You need to complete the last step and add your recording. When adding images, please be sure the files are less than one MB each. I hope this helps you.

I'm going to adjust the title to remove the opera-klezmer notation as that does not belong there. Please write if you have further questions.

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